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  1. Yes definitely but I suggest you don't withdraw your money and make start the experience with your money on yobit platform and its very important for your business
  2. Yes definitely we need to store it on trusted wallet like yobit and payeer and make the strong pasward and don't share your personal information to anyone.
  3. I can understand the importance of this digital currency and right now its a great opportunity for everyone to understand it and start the process of getting the digital currency on this platform easily.
  4. Every thing is possible when we get knowledge and experience about the digital trading system and its very profitable business if we start the process with some experts and then we can easily start trading and slowly slowly moving forward
  5. I only trust on yobit platform about trading and investing and I also use the digital wallet so it's very important to us so please join the yobit platform and its very helpful and profitable for you
  6. It's very simple so please get the experience and knowledge about the digital currency and read the all post and topic and improve your knowledge about the digital currency then you can easily understand the importance of this forum.
  7. Yes dear you can transfer your coin in the payeer wallet and then from payeer you can easily make your own wallet it's very easy to use and understand.
  8. Yes definitely we can easily make it happen and quickly get which you want and get the experience and abilities about your business with the help of this platform.
  9. I ask him when you can come back and make another digital coin like btc and improve your business on digital marketing.
  10. The yobit is digital currency platform where you can grow with your business via digital marketing like trading, mining, exchange, investment services so join the yobit platform and get all of these.
  11. Right now i want to invest my money in the yobit digital currency investing because it is very important and profitable business
  12. I love trading and mining on yobit platform and its very helpful for me and I will get best deals on yobit platform and its very profitable business.
  13. May be it's old or rules will be changed so administrator lock it and its for just knowing about the old rules and regulations for understand the basics method
  14. Thanks for the information you provided us and it's very important to know about the scamers and how to save our lives so thanks again for beautiful post.
  15. Everyone moved to the digital currency and leave the paper money so it's very important to us to know more about the digital currency and using it
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