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  1. I think that the time period is a few days, through the notice in existence. I do not know in the past that the payment has been stopped, but most likely the forum is protected and cleaned from the beginning and re-pay after that.
  2. I think that it will stop for a few days, upon the completion of the cleaning campaign at the forum, most likely they will delete the random messages or the old suspended accounts, hoping that they will come back soon.
  3. In the hope that this will happen and that its price will rise to the required level in relation to the decline in its price. Thus the possibility that it will increase slowly or that it needs time to reach what we want.
  4. Congratulations on your payment, dear, he got this because the old payment system used to give 1000 satoshi and you receive with the reputation..After the update, they were giving 200 satoshi without a reputation, hoping that it will increase
  5. My experience was very useful and good. I was able to learn a new world full of knowledge and information that I am looking for and it has many advantages and allows you things like strengthening your language Learning earning Everything here makes you happy
  6. Welcome, you have to end a hundred free posts and after a week your name will be entered into the payment and you must create 20 comments or posts containing information and affidavits that will be counted to your wallet.
  7. Payment will be suspended for a few days. They conduct a campaign to clean the forum from spam and suspended accounts, and after completion, the payment will be returned and return to work. Don't worry, things will be fine.
  8. I agree with you on these tips. Do not click on unknown links or share your personal data with anyone. I mean, do not trust unknown people and stay away from greed. You can avoid fraud.
  9. I think that currencies that are new or that they are going up, I think they may be working with them a little cautiously because people do not deal in them. In my view, the currency that is dealt with is a lower risk
  10. As for me, I did not read about that. I read that it needs powerful devices in order to be able to work. There are complex algorithms in it that need to be solved and worked hard. As for electricity, I did not see about that. I will search and increase my knowledge.
  11. You can do this in one of the options on the right of the screen, choose which topics you want to see, the oldest or most recent, or according to the interaction more, you can choose and it appears for you what you want
  12. My friend here, through your participation, you earn 20 comments or posts of value and benefit, and they are calculated for you and give you Satoshi for them on the useful comments calculated and go to your wallet.
  13. It is a good wallet, even if the free profit has a little bit, but you can benefit here on the forum and also from the wallet in addition to selling it or changing it to other currencies
  14. You can work on using Wi-Fi and then using the data, you are not exposed to anything, but the most important thing is that there is no one but you who works on the same Wi-Fi and has an account in the forum. This is a mistake.
  15. Most likely if you take warning points for the first time that you can participate or read and comment, but nothing is counted for you, it is considered that you are suspended without profit, and if it is repeated, I do not know how difficult it is or what you will face
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