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  1. I think that beginners should buy low and bullish cryptocurrencies, and stay away from higher cryptocurrencies whose value is fixed because they will not gain profits from buying them, they should look for currencies in which they earn profits, such as ETC and XRP and TRX.
  2. Yobit exchange is one of the best platforms for cryptocurrencies, you can find everything you need with it, you can start investing in the platform and also you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and save your cryptocurrencies.
  3. In my opinion, this type of investment through which you cannot earn a lot of profits because it is fixed, so I recommend that you look for projects that will rise in the future through which you can achieve a lot of profits continuously, and that your profits are not fixed.
  4. I do not agree with you, cryptocurrency faucets are a waste of time and you can only earn a little bitcoin, so from the wage of earning a lot of bitcoin, I think that investing is the best way to earn bitcoin.
  5. I do not think that a day will come and we will exchange our local currencies with cryptocurrencies. In order for local currencies to be replaced by cryptocurrencies, the Internet must be available continuously because without the Internet, our currencies will be lost and the global economy will collapse.
  6. When I entered the world of cryptocurrencies, my goal was to earn money and start investing and trading cryptocurrencies, and I am not thinking of leaving the world of cryptocurrencies and I am constantly striving to develop my experiences in cryptocurrencies and investment.
  7. I believe that every country has its own laws, there are countries that impose prison penalties on those who deal in cryptocurrencies, and also there are countries that impose a fine on those who own cryptocurrencies and freeze their cryptocurrencies.
  8. The first time I got to know Bitcoin was 10 years ago when my friend offered me to buy bitcoin, but I refused, and a while ago I got to know more about Bitcoin through social media when Bitcoin began to rise, and Bitcoin is now one of the best cryptocurrencies.
  9. Of course, we must thank the supervisors of this forum through which we win cryptocurrencies and also learn a lot about it, and now cryptocurrencies have become more widespread and we can pay them in many sites.
  10. The forum is now growing a lot and the topics that are being written are more useful than the previous ones, and I think that in the future the forum will develop more and it will spread a lot and new members will enter who will share their experiences here.
  11. I believe that in the coming years cryptocurrencies will continue to spread and prosper, and many countries will begin to deal in cryptocurrencies, so I recommend buying cryptocurrencies now.
  12. I prefer cryptocurrencies, and in my opinion, cryptocurrencies are better than stocks and more profitable, but you should buy cryptocurrencies that are expected to rise and achieve high profits and be wary of scam cryptocurrencies.
  13. Dear, in order to get a good reputation, you must write useful and not duplicate posts and creative posts, and you will get a good reputation easily and members will provide you with support equivalent to your useful posts.
  14. Of course, since I entered the world of cryptography, my life has changed completely, and every day I learn new things about cryptocurrencies, so I advise everyone who did not enter the world of cryptography to enter now in order to change his life.
  15. I believe that in order to avoid a loss in investment, you must learn well, and not to invest when the market is high, and not to invest in unreliable or unexpected projects with success.
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