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  1. I agree with you, in this forum there are not many scammers anymore, thanks to the members who have published topics on how to avoid scammers, we can all read those topics and thus not be victims of them, which is why it has been their turn go this place, somewhere else.
  2. That's right friend, we must think intelligently of ourselves, so that we can get ahead, in this way we will be able to create important topics, and thus the members of this site will give us a good reputation, and we can have good profits with other currencies .
  3. If you are a member of this forum, that you strive to make good topics, that are instructive, educational, interesting, you will have a good reputation, because all the members will comment on your topics and give you a good reputation, and if you do not violate the rules this site will do you good.
  4. After working here, I feel a very big difference, because you yourself get to acquire knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and everything related to their transactions, then you start doing business with them, and you get to have good profits.
  5. It depends on what currency you have, there are some coins that reach 1 dollar quickly, but there are others that take years to arrive, and some of them never arrive, on the contrary they lose the little value they have and reach zero.
  6. Greetings friend, there are many methods to increase profits in yobit, one of them is to roll the dice every day so you can generate more tokens, and you can have better profits, and if you publish in this forum you can also generate income.
  7. Hello friend, I think that this site is Russian, that is why the Russian section is more busy than the English section, and also because many members of the English section are no longer in this section since the payments fell.
  8. My expectations this year are very high, this year the market will be bullish, so if we know how to operate with virtual currencies, we will have excellent profits, I have high expectations this year.
  9. I used the same email to register on both sites, both in cryptotalk and in yobit, I don't understand why you have problems, if you want you can send a message to yobit support and wait for them to respond.
  10. The skills that any human being has, must have a reading comprehension, must speak fluently, know how to read and write correctly, and other simple things that anyone has.
  11. I totally agree with you my dear brother, the members of this forum should continue to publish topics that are interesting and useful, the gap is very large because many of the topics are eliminated, since they violate the rules of the forum.
  12. Hello brother, I do not know how long it takes for the technical support to respond, but be patient they will answer you, or you can look for a video on YouTube, that explains how to delete an old account here in this forum, I hope you can solve your problem.
  13. teaching the elderly about cryptocurrencies, it is a very difficult task, however you can achieve it, you must be very patient and explain again and again, what they explained to you, you can also use the youtube videos to teach them.
  14. In my case, I am here to acquire knowledge about virtual currencies, it can be said that this is an investment that I make myself, and I am also to earn bitcoin pennies, so I can buy the things that I need.
  15. First of all my friend, let me welcome you to this forum, here you will learn a lot about cryptocurrencies, and at the same time you will earn money, I recommend that you read the useful and interesting topics of this site that will help you.
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