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  1. It all depends on you. You don't just have to stick to the beginner category. If you want you can go to another category. It depends entirely on your knowledge. If you have information about another category you can create a post there.
  2. No it is not necessary. The only thing that matters is our content. We should focus on the good content in order to gain a good reputation and thus gain more profit and avoid bans. We must focus on knowledge and not on secondary issues. Just keep working hard and do not worry about these minor things.
  3. Yeah mate it is a good thing and if we do that we can do a lot to ourselves, but there is something we need to know that other people can't give you feedback because they are posting. Kindness is natural thing and everyone cant have that.
  4. Yup mate if you want to save a post that you like, then you can save the link for future purposes, so it is useful for the forum you are using in the browser and you can keep the link for all posts. Good posts are liked by everyone and all people want to save them.
  5. Every field is different to other and you can post about every single but keep in mind that there are different topics in this forum so in posting make sure your post matches the topic. As we see different sections in the forum every section has different content and we should obey the rules.
  6. There are many features in the forum but this type of competition is difficult to conduct by the forum. But we can give the suggestion to the admin as you are doing but approve and disapprove are in the hands on administration.
  7. Everyone is taking benefit on the forum as we are having a lot of information, we can read more articles here to get ideas and ideas about cryptocurrency, and once we are satisfied and finished getting ideas, we can now start turning some threads here. Just keep working hard and smart and do not loose hope.
  8. My friend invited me to the forum when I was in a bad situation in the lock down during the pandemic. Now I earn and lean a lot here so for me it is a great forum. That's why I also invite my more friends so they can also take benefit here as I am. Sharing good things is nice and we all should invite more people here.
  9. I think it is possible in the forum features. As you can see if a member has responded to you from your notification and you can see the people who gave you this response. We should therefore be more focused on responding to those who deserve it.
  10. Yeah I also had that in my mind. I think the forum gives us some relaxation about that means if we have some plagiarism then we are ok as reply on same topic with thousands of people have same idea. So its not a big deal but we have to type our own ideas.
  11. Yeah the government may have realized that cryptocurrencies would be the next thing, so educating juniors will be useful to them in the future, competing with other countries in the cryptocurrency race. That is a very nice step and all other countries should done like this.
  12. These days yobit is going wide and popular especially for newcomers to the world, the yobit exchange should have been known and become one of the leading exchange platforms because of its consistent and good service to users. As I did not find other wallet that give us good features like it so keep it up yobit.
  13. Its a complicated thing to get to know that. That's why I think there is no sure way to get fraudulent tokens, all you have to do is ask and search before taking any action, or if you see suspicious news about it, beware of that. Just make precautions while working as it is the only way to be safe.
  14. No mate bitcoin is the king of crypto currencies. So I do not agree with you on this because you can look at the market and see for yourself, almost every market is based on the bitcoin, if its price goes high other coins also get a high fly automatically and vice versa.
  15. Wow that is an interesting research. I think he will one day reveal his true identity. Or maybe someone you know will reveal his or her identity. I also wonder why he wants to keep it a secret. As this technology is a great invention than why they do not want to spread their names to the world.
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