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  1. Forums are also a good way of promotion. Many investors get information about projects from the forums.
  2. Many people especially in poor countries do not have access to the bank services. And inflation in poor countries usually very big.
  3. Mining equipment costs so much money because a lot of people want to buy such equipment and it is in demand πŸ˜‰
  4. Investing is very risky, that is why it is not necessary to trust the information, it is necessary to check all the information.
  5. A lot of people make money on mining including the producers of mining equipment. It is very profitable industry.
  6. Many people do not understand that famous persons promote tokens for money and do not buy tokens for themselves.
  7. I think that if mining will be banned in many countries many cryptocurrencies will have to move to PoS mining.
  8. It is necessary to check the former experience of the team, the former projects and reputation of team members.
  9. The ability to earn money attract a lot of people. They think about future profit but not about loses.
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