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  1. Welcome to the forum my friend. In fact, I agree with your opinion that communication and creating topics here needs a person fluent in the English language and its grammar and grammar, but in my opinion, reading here and working hard on this opportunity will enable the individual to communicate even if he is weak given you the good and understandable topics of our skilled colleagues in drafting. Also senior colleagues, I wish all of my friends on the coding here good luck.
  2. Welcome to the forum, my friend, I think that working on creating valuable topics that carry new and important ideas or useful to the forum needs to conduct research and hard work, as well as you should know that you are supposed to publish each topic in its own section as the topics are better for the points of reputation and in this way will bring Certainly profits but you have to think with the logic of knowledge, I hope all the best.
  3. Hello my friend, in fact there is a process that comes on time when the moderators are free to work on what is called (cleaning up the forum) and the good thing here is that they expel all the fraudsters who broke the rules and cheated and the sad thing is that they are already removing a lot of posts even for the elderly members who are considered experienced And the owners of good topics. Therefore, I think that we must work to develop our topics and be patient and it is important in my opinion that we remain part of this forum and this opportunity remains available to us, I wish success to all.
  4. Hello my friend, I really don't have a clear idea of the payment method the forum relies on and the fact that this is normal and it happens with a lot of members. I also think that if some of your posts were evaluated, but by our new colleagues who did not complete the first hundred posts, for example, it is possible that you will not be paid for that but I am not sure about that and you will need an answer from an elderly person who suggested that you focus on work and not worry Regarding the profits, I wish you luck.
  5. Hello my friend, In fact, I totally agree with you that we should not have a monopoly on reputation points for topics that may interest or benefit us. In my opinion, positive reputation points should be given to any useful publication that we read in appreciation of its author's work, and the same is true with useless publications to help officials distinguish between useful publications from their opposite, but I exclude our new colleagues and I think that it is our duty to give them the opportunity to develop and work hard here in the talk of coding from In order to promote the forum and contribute to its continuation.
  6. Hello dear, in fact I completely agree with your opinion and do not see that there is a need to rush to convert the btc currencies that we achieve through our work on this platform, and instead investing intelligently and with an organized plan in cryptocurrencies can bring us some good profits as we will gain experience In this regard, we will be constantly aware of the currency market, and I wish everyone success.
  7. Hello my friend, you must first log in to your YoBiT account and then you will choose the usd currency in the MARKET at the bottom of the page on the left side, and then look for btc between the currencies at the bottom on the same side, and the site will determine the conversion process for you in the middle of the page and what remains for you to do is click On SELL and the conversion process will take place, I wish you good luck.
  8. Welcome to the forum my friend, in fact your words are correct with regard to the field of trading, because this field carries a risk ratio of 50 to 60 percent for those who think that it depends on luck a great deal. The opposite is true because this field needs to conduct extensive research, experience and mastery of anyone Types of analysis of the currency market in this field, but the long investment in cryptocurrencies in my opinion is good and I recommend it to our new colleagues because it only needs to choose the appropriate currency that has a strong project and monitor the market well and is considered a practical experience along with theoretical experience through crypto talk here I wish everyone success.
  9. Welcome to the forum, my friend, in fact, the best way to make money from talking about cryptocurrency here is to not think about profit. Instead, you should direct your focus and your thinking to work hard on sharing useful and new opinions and information about the world of cryptocurrencies, and you should also know that it is very important to abide by the rules to avoid errors or bans, and through these steps the opportunity will remain available to you and you will definitely achieve profits. I wish everyone success.
  10. Actually my dear friend, you created a good topic and I want to thank you for the excellent explanation you gave with examples. I also think we knew a little bit about Blockchain technology and about the different wallets, but you explained it better, especially to our new colleagues here who might think that there is a risk in storing coins in their own wallets or investing in cryptocurrency, but the opposite is true, and in the end we are all. Here to learn, especially from the elderly, and it is our duty to support and help each other to advance and continue this forum, I wish all the best.
  11. Hello my friend, in fact, there are some times and reasons that lead to a decrease in prices in the cryptocurrency market, but it will rise again due to its great spread around the world and attention to it due to its distinctive characteristics. As for the future of cryptocurrencies, I am sure that it has a bright future, I wish everyone success.
  12. Welcome to the forum my friend, in fact, the best advice in my opinion is to think with the logic of serious work on sharing useful information about the world of cryptocurrencies and also acquiring it, and you should know that the rules here are very important and must be adhered to and finally this is the best way to raise the ranks in a conversation Crypto is here and of course you will be profitable, I wish everyone luck.
  13. Hello my friend, In fact I created a good topic and we always try to share opinions with our new colleagues from time to time to alert them to the importance of working hard according to the policy and rules of the forum because we know that moderators will be lenient if the rules are not violated and this is the best way to stay a part of this forum and for this to remain Great opportunity is available to them, I wish everyone luck.
  14. Welcome to the forum, my friend, I think your view is healthy, but for me, for example, I started in the investment field as a practical experience for me in addition to the theoretical experience through crypto talk. I also research and study the trading field because I really care about both fields and consider them the best way to profit. I wish everyone success.
  15. In fact, my friend, this is against the rules, I do not understand why you created another account just because you received a warning point, and I suggest that you return to your previous account and work on promoting it in the ranks here in the crypto talk through your followers of the rules and hard work in sharing opinions and useful information about the world of currencies Encrypted because this new account you created will be blocked as soon as the administrator notices it.
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