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  1. My friend, you can have a maximum of 50 interactions .. This is a big number, and I never reached it .. Only interact with topics that are worth and comments that give you interest and new information.
  2. We need such topics that inspire enthusiasm in us .. This is what makes us love and keep working .. We have to work hard with some luck and we will be as rich as these people ... Patience..Learning..Investment
  3. They are indeed great economic powers. But some evidence is still afraid of dealing with it because it is an intangible thing ... This is the nature of a person ... He does not feel the security of his money unless it is in his possession. I suspect that in the near future, Bitcoin will enter many areas.
  4. Welcome to this family .. I hope that you benefit as much as possible from this forum and work hard to achieve what you dream of .. Nothing comes easy. And most importantly of all, you must love your work in order to master it.
  5. This is a good site..I used it many times .. The Internet contains many and many sites that convert between currencies. I use it a lot ... I hope it becomes a feature within the forum to make things easier for us.
  6. I think in the beginning it is okay to follow people who are experts in the field to make some good profits .. Then you have the logic that the expert thinks. Any work in the world cannot be mastered without trying for yourself .. Try and learn.
  7. I would love to hear advice in this area. My experience is still weak and I need all the information from expert people .. Thank you ... I will follow up.
  8. After gaining sufficient knowledge and experience, you can count on investing and trading as a good income .. You can learn the basics of investing online and learn from other people's experiences. this is my goal.
  9. The curve is upward, so far it has reached $ 62,000 and is still increasing ... The spread of the culture of cryptocurrencies among the people will lead to an increase in dealing with them and thus an increase in demand for them, and thus an increase in their price against the US dollar.
  10. I do not think that it is a dangerous thing that leads to a ban on the account .. It can only be considered non-existent, meaning you are not paid for it. Do not worry, we are in a forum that we learn from, and it is okay if we erred with things that are not essential
  11. Everyone is vulnerable to fraud. We may all fall victim to actions that are not in our hands. Working on the Internet is as profitable as it is dangerous. Always be careful and alert and avoid unreliable websites
  12. The term Bitcoin address is not appropriate. This is the address of the wallet, and the wallet contains a lot of currencies. This is the public key of the wallet (this is a common term). Anyway, thank you, friend
  13. Blockchain is a very cool feature. I got to know her by accident. I needed to know the hashtags for one of my transfers and after researching I went to the site There everything is recorded ... Thank you, every beginner should have an idea about this feature.
  14. You can go to the section (About the Forum) and read the proven topics .. There is everything is clear. Welcome to our family..Here you can gain experience and money together ... Take advantage of this opportunity.
  15. Nice, would you leave us a link to learn more about the platform and the idea you are talking about ... Because it is still a bit mysterious .. Is this platform the best? I am comfortable with Yobit.
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