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  1. Hello my friend You must work to keep your passwords stored on your laptop and not your browser, you will be safer than hackers and also do not use the same email for your encrypted accounts as your personal accounts and not trust anyone inside the encryption world too and thanks
  2. There are many projects on the Internet and many projects come to the market day after day. But finding a good project is difficult because there are many fraud and unreliable projects so all the work that I have worked on is done so you must be careful and thank you
  3. you are right. Because if someone loses their private key in his wallet, all his money is gone. So everyone should secure their own keys as possible. And they should not share the account information in order not to be stolen by scammers and not trust anyone either
  4. I am a beginner in the trading market and I invest $ 100 in trading to buy some profitable currencies and sell them because I get some profits because I am new in trading, so I don't know if the value of the currency will decrease and we must work to divide the money we have in order not to lose all of our money in One deal and thanks
  5. Hello my friend what you need exactly is what I also need for the equivalent, but this will not happen, and I also want to mention that at that time individuals do not realize that what is the digital currency in addition to that and how it works but rather we will get its importance in the future and get a lot Of profits So we should be ready and thanks
  6. Through deep analysis and thinking of the new project, we can reduce the risk of loss and earn the right profits . For beginners, I suggest that they review the white paper for the project. It also appears in successful projects and beginners must also adhere to them to reach success and thanks
  7. Trading can give you a big profit but it is very risky so some investors prefer to keep some information so that we can work on it in the long run and I think it is not good because they lose the opportunity to make a profit once the price rises and buy again and this will help to earn profits as well and thanks
  8. Yes my friend we will win from Bitcoin in the future. Encryption will not fail easily. Although the Bitcoin currency will not increase at a high rate, it will definitely rise in the future and we will reap a lot of profits, but that depends on the analyzes and experiences we have, so we must work hard to get the money and thanks
  9. There is no business that accepts encrypted currencies, so some members change and pay legal marks. I also save some money and wait for opportunities to spend it, and that is also a good thing to earn a little profit, but that requires some experience and thanks
  10. Yes my friend, the encrypted currency can help the economic situation of one country, but it cannot be the country that only supports it or the state cannot rely on the encrypted currency because we all know the volatility of the coded currency market. If they see some changes in the coded currency, and a country’s economy depends on it, because no one can control its price so you did not get much fame at this time and thanks
  11. Only one person must provide his information. I think both sides should show their documents so that the two sides trust each other. Both sides should be transparent to avoid being robbed because they are ubiquitous within the coding world so we must be careful and thank you
  12. Thanks, good information will be very useful for beginners in this field! But after all, the bitcoin is not only exchanged for a long time, but in general the entire encrypted currency, there is a long treatment that hackers cannot steal with the help of breaking the code, in addition to not revealing their identity and we must be very careful not to lose our money inside the wallet And thanks
  13. Yes, my friend, the encrypted currencies will get a great reputation in the future, due to the increased demand for them and trading in them by the major companies, but that requires some time so that we can reach this development and thank you
  14. Yes, my friend, most of the members here depend on profits only, but this is wrong, but we must make an effort to obtain useful information that will help us work within the world of investment and trading in order to obtain appropriate profits and thanks
  15. We must work hard and work to search well before placing the information inside the forum in order not to be repeated because that is contrary to the rules and laws and that causes obtaining bad reputation and warning points as well so I advise you to communicate with the elderly until you get all the information that helps us to obtain For money and thanks
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