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  1. As I am unexperienced on trading, this comment will help me most. I will try to follow your all advices. One thing that I want to add that we should divide our capital in three parts. One part should be trade on the btc pairs and other should depend on you and last one should be free in usdt or any useful pair and when any stable coin's price go down then only you should use it to buy that.
  2. Brother you must create yobit with the same email that you used to create account on this forum. Otherwise it will not work. If you did so but facing any problem, then you should contact with the moderators for help. Hope this comment helped you.
  3. We must check further times before we make any transaction because it is very important. We can lose our whole earning if we mistake anything while making any transaction. So we should be careful about this. Thanks for your informative post mate.
  4. We should trade on those coins that have a good volume. We shouldn't trade on any token or coin that's volume is less than 1. I did the same mistake by trading on a unstable coin when I just clicked to buy it's price went up and when I sold it it price goes up I did it twice and same thing happened and I lost my capital. So be careful guys.
  5. But it doesn't depend on negative reputation for banning us. Because there is so many senior members who had a goof reputations but they got banned. So it's not about that. If we try our best to abide by the rules of this forum then we can avoid d=getting warnings. But if we get 3 warnings then we will be banned forever from this forum.
  6. At first you shouldn't go on the mining and investing platforms that give profit in percentage. 1st you should buy any stable and popular coin in a little amount and should start trading or you can hold it for the future for earning a big profit. Thanks for the post mate.
  7. Before joining this forum I just heard about bitcoin nothing else. But when I joined on this forum I learned much about it and within a month I already started trading and I'm very hopeful for my crypto-carrier. Thanks for sharing your experience mate.
  8. As I'm a new member I don't have any idea about this and mainly I didn't understand your post. These technical words are too difficult for me to understand. I will be grateful if anyone describes me about it with simple words.
  9. For the unexperienced members like me we should now earn from this forum only because there are many scammed sites and offers that promises us to give bitcoin but after we became experienced we can earn from trading, investing, mining and so on. Hope this post helped you.
  10. I didn't know it. I thought from the very beginning they were giving us 1000 satoshi for each paid posts. But I was wrong. But now they decreased it and giving us 200 satoshi replacing it. But it will cover the gap soon as the btc price is rising too much.
  11. As we are new in this platform so we should now only invest on stable popular coins like btc, ltc, xrp, doge water and so on. But before we start trading we must have knowledge about this and the market then only we can make profit from it. Thanks for the post man.
  12. Thanks mate for your informative post. We can use many sites and softwires for correcting our grammar and spelling. We can take this as a challenge and develop our English language to make more perfect post that will increase our useful and reputed posts.
  13. Now blockchain is a subj and we can study it on many international university. So as a beginner I learned much from your post. It will help me in future. Thanks for the post senior. Keep doing these informative posts for us.
  14. As the payment system changed so now reputations don't matter so much and also we don't get payment for using 50 reactions. But we shouldn't stop helping each other by giving reputations. If you just click on the heart then it will be reputated as useful and again you can give in from -5 to +5 according to it's quality.
  15. Right you are my mate. I read a post that one email named coinbase wanted it's clients some information and after the client submitted it and after some time that his portfolio was zero and he lost a huge money. Because that was a fake email named coinbase. So we always should be careful about these.
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