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  1. Men are thirst for knowledge.Almost all of us came here in searching of knowledge.I also came mainly on this purpose.I was unaware about Cryptotalk and Cryptocurrency.Joining here I have learnt about many new things.
  2. I really feel difference after joining here.I didn’t knew anything about Cryptocurrency and trading before.But now I have learnt many new things including these.And I can earn for the first time of my life.So I am very excited.
  3. Actually I don't think it’s a waste of time at all rather on my opinion you can use your time wisely by working on Cryptotalk.You can learn here many more new things and know about Cryptocurrency and trading.Besides it is giving you a great chance of earning money.
  4. You may have many more benefits by Cryptotalk.I am telling you three things which you can gain surely through ut.First of all you can achieve knowledge and experience about many new things.Secondly,you can learn better English from here.And finally you will earn a good amount of money from Cryptotalk.
  5. We must not get afraid if we are in trouble or panic situation.We should try to keep ourself calm and quiet.We must not take any decision instantly rather we may discuss with the senior members.And most importantly we have to be patient.
  6. I also grow with Cryptotalk.On this forum everybody is posting new and useful things which can be very helpful for all of us.By knowing these terms we are able to keep pace with the Crypto world.And we have to develop it more than before.
  7. You can use your time wisely on this forum.Because you can learn here many new things including Cryptocurrency as well as earn a good amount of money.But before you earn keep it mind that you have to be attentive to your work.So it is not a waste of time at all.
  8. I think rating on the same day is not effective always.Because it takes time to reach the topic to the maximum members.I am not satisfied with this.Though rating is very important,no one is here to rate the useful topic.If you get no reputation you will get no payment.
  9. You got a point.There are many members here who doesn’t know how to comment correctly.So they usually copy others post and information.We should report their posts.And by doing this they are also violating the rules.So the moderators should take action for them.
  10. Welcome to this forum.You should read the rules and regulations of Cryptotalk first.You have to complete your first 100 comments successfully and then you will be paid for every 20 useful comments per day.Try to gain experience from the senior members.
  11. I think there are some changes in the rules.You cannot comment containing less than 100 characters. And the payment method have changed.You will get 200 satoshi instead of 1000.And you won't get payment for giving reputation.If your post does not have positive reputation it will not be paid.
  12. Actually I like to say that I am a beginner on this forum.I am still learning.I didn’t get amy payment or bitcoin yet.But I hope I will get my coin soon and I would make the right use of these.I hope to bear my daily expenses by the payment.
  13. Yes you are right.We should save ourselves from the scammers.Especially it is very important for the newbies.We should not accept following message from the unknown friends.Besides we should not open any email from the unknown and doubtful source.
  14. You must make the right use of your Cryptocurrency.You can exchange your bitcoin.You can also sell it or keep it in a safe place.You should wait patiently to observe the condition of marketplace and the rate to raise.Then you can invest for trading.
  15. It is a common problem to all.Nowadays the moderators are removing the unnecessary and wrong post.Always try to create meaningful posts.Don't create more than 20 posts.Also ensure that you don't make spam posts.The posts of many members have been deleted. So don't worry.
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