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  1. This all depend upon us minor mistakes once are satisfactory but on the off chance that we make propensity of making such botches day by day at that point it 'll make issue for our account. There's no run the show for this thing but you ought to take care that your sentence make sense to reader. Something else it 'll be considered as spam and futile and you'll unquestionably get caution focuses. But the punishment of caution point due to erroneous sentence or point isn't punishable..we ought to ever attempt to compose correct word so that per user seem effortlessly get the point.
  2. As moderators it would be physically impossible for them to go through every post that is made within a day. Therefore it is up to the members as well to help to maintain the integrity of the forum and to make it better for the members that are taking this forum seriously, by reporting the posts that are spam and useless. It may not be the case, however by reporting the post you are drawing the moderators attention to that post and they will then be able to take a decision from there.
  3. I do not know how to handle some functions of the forum well because I have not seen it, but it would be more comfortable if we could find our answers or our post more comfortably as they are on the page of yobit that is for days the publications only that it does not allow to enter to visualize what we have done, it would be like seeing them for days, but everything depends on the administration.
  4. Payment reward is a good motivation for the members of this forum to report the spammers and the low quality posters, but this needs to be a double sided payment reward, so that the members of this forum do not take advantage of the system and report every single post on here. So for example, when a post is reported and it is found to be spam by the moderators, perhaps they can get a reward of say 1000 satoshi.
  5. There are a number of reasons that people stay within the crypto field and all of the reasons that you have given in this topic are valid. For me the two main reasons of why i am staying active in the cryptocurrency field is that the first is i believe that this will be the future payment method and it will become integrated into our economy, and as such i would like to have a head start of that for when the value increases. Furthermore, i think that this is a good method by which i am able to earn as a student some extra income in order to help with sustaining my student life.
  6. I mean getting some free currencies through the process of dropping the air. One of the things is that it will require you to be patient until the time of the currencies launch, some of which you will not get because they may be fraudulent and ask you to send some value in order to increase their price while they are doing this It is to collect money and defraud you and you will get nothing.
  7. I will be studying every one of the feedback in regards to the community forum. And develop an excellent subject matter regarding other folks. I will be finding excellent popularity coming from some other people. Thus make an effort to examine almost all my own beloved friends' feedback and also make an effort to acquire details next compose an interest or perhaps opinion in regards to the community forum and submit to get excellent popularity.
  8. To make 5 dollars within a week and in fact you would be able to do this from the use of multiple faucets, including the coinpot faucets with their token rewards. However, this will require that you be on the faucet all the time throughout the week and that you are constantly claiming. This will take way too much time and will definitely not be worth the time and effort that you are putting in.
  9. It depends on the thing you have doubt about. Study and research can't turn all kinds of doubts into certainty. For example, if a trader has doubts about the future value of a coin, he can't eliminate his doubts through study but if he has doubts about some features or characteristics of a coin or a particular network, he can perform a comprehensive research about it to get rid of his doubts. Bear in mind that not all doubts are helpful.
  10. Interacting with topics, reading them and compelling commenting on them in a useful way is part of the learning process that we have enjoyed. When a person sees a topic he does not know anything about and responds to the comment in a useful way, he goes to Google to search and read and then returns to work, meaning that he learns and becomes forced to learn in order to receive payment.
  11. We can all help with this and explain cryptocurrencies to people that don't have income and live in poor conditions. Everyone has a mobile phone and some data. We can talk to them and explain some ways to earn from the internet. But the problem is that not all people have the same intelligence as us. We can handle this and we have some differences but we are not stupid. We can do a lot of things others can't. This is for all in this forum.
  12. You need to get the proper knowledge before trying your luck in trading or investment. I suggest you to spend more at the forum and explore all the section of the cryptotalk and must read the pinned posts carefully you will definitely learn a lot about cryptotalk and cryptocurrency. You will have a better idea then about what to do and how to do . You need to learn about the risks that You've to face while dealing with cryptocurrency.
  13. Acquaintance is the foundation of every success. If you aim to step achievement your foremost priority knowledge, it follows that you are unconsciously capable to earn money. Consequently we be supposed to respect annoying to realize understanding completely the time. On the heart of knowledge, we canister see to everything in the world.
  14. Being on the leader board is not an impossible task and many look at it as a mountain that they cannot climb. I think that if you put in the time and the effort then you will make good quality posts that will land you up on the leader board. I think that more and more people will be interested in the leader board and the awards when a reward system is also added there, possibly in the future.
  15. At the start many people are very curious to join any online earning site where you work as a part-time job and earn a very useful and valuable profitable earning from any site but most of them don't give the basic knowledge and information about any site. So i advice to all members to keep well connected to their senior and always gain the best information about this vehicle based learning program where you work on it and gain a better profitable.
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