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  1. TYBCEC Wao great news from yobit.net. Thank you Yobit for free coins. yobit is a great exchange in the crypto world.
  2. In cryptocurrencies market, to earn good profit from trading you should have good strategy and the best strategy is to sell on high and buy from low. During trading always follow trend.
  3. Do not worry, There are mostly people who do not have awareness about Blockchain technology, Bitcoin, cryptocurrecny. Keep teaching them that in near future the people of whole world have to adopt cryptocurrency.
  4. Gold and cryptocurrencies are totally different and both gold and curytocurrency each have its own pros and cons. Cryptocurrency do not need a safe box and Gold do not need any electricity to mine.
  5. I am fully agreed with you that the Faucets are totally waste of time and effort without interest. In starting i have also waste a lot of time. Almost all faucets are garbage of popups and ads.
  6. I do not have much more friends in real life because i spent my mostly time i.e 12 to 14 hours online. i spend just weakened with my real life friends. Concurrency world has a lot of attractions for me.
  7. Though the value of coin getting from freecoin of Yobit is very low but it is good for newbies, register on yobit exchange. If you claim freecoins contentiously then you will be able to exchange some new coins to other stable coins.
  8. Best strategy for Cryptocurrency trading is buy from low and sell at high. crypto market has highly volatile market so there is equal chance for profit and loss. If one has good strategy then he earn good profit form crypto trading.
  9. In my opinion Bitcoin will not fails because it is accepted in some big markets. In money countries Bitcoin is legal. According to coinmarketcap.com, Bitcoin has $149 billion market cap, with this huge market cap how bitcoin will fail.
  10. In my area, there is no one in local mareket that accept cryptocurrencies. Even a few people only knowing about the cryptocurrencies. I hope in near future people of my area will aware about the crypto business.
  11. In my Opinion Coinmarketcap is the best website for all about cryptocurrency. Although there are some other alternate of Coinmarketcap but as compare to any other website coinmarketcap is most user friendly and its designe is simple and easy to understand.
  12. Your point is valid but as i mentioned that investing in one coin, there will be chance to lose all the investment. Thats why i will not invest all my money into only BTC.
  13. If i have 1 BTC i will buy some stable coins so that after a time i will get good profit from those coins. I will not invest all in one coin because investing in coin, there will be chance to lose all the investment.
  14. Bitcoin is a way to send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any purpose, in massive amounts or incredibly tiny amounts, without needing to use a bank and with certainty that your payment will always go through, you will never need to bribe or pay anybody to send it, your money will never be counterfeited or faked, your money will never get lost in transit, and you do not need to share any personal information and this was the actual purpose of creation of Bitcoin.
  15. No they didn't state why they decided to delist the STEEM. The only send an email to their clients that on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, at 16:00 UTC trading for PASCAL, STEEM, NAVCOIN, GameCredit and CLAM will be permanently disabled on Poloniex.
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