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  1. I want to buy the service of miner, to grow a little capital, but i have never done something similar before and i am with many doubts, the minor is forever or must be renewed monthly?
  2. Very important to see some service here in this fourm with such a developer to share her knowledge with us. Thanks for that. Good luck.
  3. I don't really know what was that. I'm just protecting my data and my wallet with my 2fa code and strong password also. Avoiding using public wifi amd public computers.
  4. Thid id msny reason for technical analysis, the one i know is to know the price of money, it can be bitcoin,fiats. gold, silver, diamonds and many like that, it will display the price accurately over certain period of time.
  5. I have tried invest box and i got a message that i cannot make investments because there's enough coin for my first payment. What is the meaning of that? Then there are time you see investments full. Why are the investment full not removed from the option in invest box.
  6. As i am new here my portfolio is not aware if it is advance. But i am interested to know about it. Because i want to know about it because i will work here and if i work i need to know about everything. I would gain a lot of knowledge if i could learn about it.
  7. Thanks for the information,bounty needs a big community social network first and you need to search a good and legit bounty who really pay and talk about it with your friends in fourm or what ever to see if really gone pay you then you can go.
  8. Block chain network are definitely not hacked because it's follow a very complex pattern that before you hack a single unit you have to hack other one also.
  9. Thanks for this option, the security is very important to me and all of us i use all those things and other available for wallet and specially for exchange.
  10. I just check it yobit invest box but the investment plan for doge is not there. May be it is time for us all to go all in with invest box and boom boom ourselves to the moon.
  11. Yes, It's good way to avoid these scam. It's very important setting odf which most of the user have no idea. We should be very careful which is using telegram because they are many fake or scam channel. Group and bots. So apply this setting to avoid yourself to be add in different unknown group and channels.
  12. You can learn everything you want to learn about trading some video on YouTube, and channel of specialist ablut this field. To learn the strategies that expert follow when trading and start applying them to earn money.
  13. To mine crypto currency you must have at least the right equipment and right tools for it like for example GtX or ADM's this are the most actually needs.
  14. Coinomi is a security first, multi chain watch for both mobile and desktop that provides negative support and true ownership for more then 125 blockchain, search on app store under the name coinomi wallet make sure it's the... Once it installed open the wallet and tap on create a new wallet.
  15. You can bypass the commission for which the investors pays. For example, bitcoin can be changed for that coin whose commission for withdrawals is too scanty compared to bitcoin.
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