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  1. Actually defi is the umbrella term for a variety of application and project in the public blockchain space geared towards disrupting the traditional finance world . The future of defi no doubt going to much shining as it will almost use in the banks.
  2. Thanks dear mate for sharing such a great information and your such post deserve reputation . Yes dear mate I also try to prefer 2fa more because it is the great weapon of the security if you use such a factor then it's become very very difficult for a hacker to steal your crypto.
  3. Thanks mate for such a good post and I know it would be very useful for me that how I can claim free ethereum with the bynamic which is the first and safest asset investment firm . I will try to make more research on it .
  4. According to my opinion dear mate, it is due to because the bitcoin is the major unit of the other coins as it(bitcoin) is the decentralized digital currency and controlling all the cryptocurrency through the blockchain.
  5. Off course dear @tienda all the south cryptotalk section are also the part of this forum but it is very sad to say that most of the community paying no any heed or importance to these sections and I would suggest that please try to reveal the knowledge in front of this forum.
  6. Yes dear mate @online123 You are right and I got agree but I would also suggest and put my deep thinking that it is very very imperative for you to keep your private or personal information just to yourself and I think it would be enough to secure the account . On the other hand try to save your password on your white paper instead of saving it into the internet.
  7. For me I don't think so because I see the post on Twitter about the bitcoin that is biggest cryptocyrrency of the world I think we can send posts on these social media apps there is no restriction but may be in some countries that consider it illegal.
  8. If you do not get reputation points on your posts, you will not be paid for it. It is difficult and members do not give reputation points easily, so you must make sure that you provide useful content.So you get a good reputation, although it is not very easy, do good posts and provide useful advice and information and you will get a reputation.
  9. We can not judge any member here through his posts only, encryption is a vast world and many people work in it outside the forum and came here recently so we have to respect everyone and respect their opinions, especially beginners.
  10. If you work hard and actively and do what you can, you will definitely succeed in your work, so you must work to ensure that your comments are useful and valuable and always contain new information in order to win the admiration of the rest of the members and put you positive evaluations and thus get a good reputation.
  11. Dear mate you can write 50 comments daily before the end of the 100 unpaid posts and you have to write 20 posts daily with good content in order to get good reputations and make profits, your profits will reach your yobit and you will store it in yobit wallet and work with it as you like.
  12. For me I work by investing. We make good income by investing. We collect different tokens and sell them if prices go up. BTC is the most popular currency. BTC LTC, ETH are the ones everyone likes when they work on crypto currencies.
  13. That is the latest model of Bitcoin blockchain. It is associated with the US dollar. Like other Baidatin models, this model can be used for all kinds of work including expenses and transactions. You can save it in your wallet.
  14. Yes dear mate it is okay to say that buying cryptocurrency with credit card is not so easy. But if it become easy it would more better for us. Because then we can buy cryptocurrency more easily. As a result our time will save.
  15. I would like to suggest you thar you have to work hard every work is a little difficult, so you have to work hard and not give up. You can easily understand the different topics and knowledge at any time when you cannot give up any moment and continue working daily.
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