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  1. Now a days there ia no much fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin so it is hard to get much profit from it by doing short term trading and it is only good for long term trading as it has all the potential to rise in future.
  2. I usually trade with Usd pair at Yobit and not used Btc pair much as most of the coins at Yobit have constant rate of 1 satoshi in btc pair so those coins are not recommended to trade in btc pair as there Actual price is less or more in usd pair.
  3. I don't think that any investor will be keen to invest in an individual as they always look for a firm or company that is trusted and well known.So how can they invest in anyone whom they don't know.
  4. If you are new in trading and have no knowledge so it is not good for you to start trading with such big amount of 1 BTC. Start with a smart capital and have some experience and knowledge in trading before doing bigger investments. Good luck.
  5. It ia good information for the beginners to know about all these types. In my opinion Day trading is the best for those who are new in trading and don't have much capital to invest as they can earn good profit daily from trading but it depends on their skills.
  6. Definitely Bitcoin is a Brand and we can earn big profits by utilizing it wisely as we can do investment or trading in btc and can earn good profit from it's price fluctuations in long or Short trading or even in spot.
  7. Big traders use bots for trading but they Have experience to use these bots so they know to get benefits from it but it is not recommendable for the less experience traders like us or the beginners as it could be a risky experience for us.
  8. First of all you have to choose a legit crypto trading site as there are many scam sites as well so be careful about it. Then You should have basic knowledge about the market and should know to do technical analysis to choose a coin to invest in.
  9. Both are crypto coins and have their own importance.Bitcoin is a brand of Cryptocurrency without any doubt and it is the most valued Cryptocurrency and then comes the ethereum that has the second rank .Both are good coins for trading.
  10. Arbitrage trading is a good type of trading and we can earn good profits from it But I think one should have bigger funds to invest for arbitrage trading and then they cam be able to earn good profit.
  11. By doing a good analysis we can have a good idea about the future of the particular coin and can know that either it has the potential to rise or not based on its history and trading volume and all other factors that affect it's a good option for us.
  12. Price of every Cryptocurrency is mainly depends on its demand and supply. When there is high high demand and less supply the rate goes up and when there is less demand and high supply the rate of the coin or currency goes down.
  13. Hard wallets are also known as offline or cold wallets and these are the safest wallets and always recommended to store your large crypto funds. These are safe from online attacks amd have good security for it's users so less or no risk of getting hacked.
  14. I don't think that there is any difference between both the terms Virtual currency is may be the second term that is used for Digital currency or it is a type Of digital currency. Cryptocurrency is virtual currency as it doesn't have any physical existence.
  15. Cardano has a very bright future in my opinion and i think it's coin ADA has the potential to rise in coming future ahead ao its a good option for all the traders for long term trading.
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