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  1. If you don't create a useful post, then it will delete. Publish posts after reading topic properly. Avoid spelling mistakes. And never create irrelevant posts and topics. And if you want to create useful content, then learn more to get knowledge and success.
  2. Yes my friend, if you follow all the rules and regulations of this forum and work here sincerely, properly and honestly then you are safe. So, don't make mistakes and work honestly.
  3. As you are beginner, that's why you are afraid of everything. But after learning and gaining experience and knowledge, everything will become easy. So, increase your knowledge and then invest in a trusted platform with proper focus.
  4. I hope that in 2021, the popularity of crypto currencies will be more increase.and crypto currencies will be accepted in all countries. And I hope that the price of btc also become high. And also I want to become a successful person in crypto field.
  5. Thanks for the valuable topic mate. If we see any bad content, we must report that content and always work with full honesty. Follow rules regularly and strictly. And respect all the members.
  6. I think we must have to improve our education system. Because in the present education system, students gain knowledge but they don't follow it. They just want good grades and just having competition with others. They gain education just for for job and money. But actually the main purpose of education is to improve yourself and make yourself a good person.
  7. Give reputation with justice and never do unfair with anyone. The proper method of giving reputation on a topic is that, first read the topic with complete focus and then give proper rating on the topic.
  8. Bitcoin is a very popular crypto currency. And its popularity is because of its benefits. Its a very valuable and trusted coin. And also its a very profitable crypto currency. Thanks.
  9. My friend,there is a large gap between the number of posts and number of topics. We should create useful topics also. And create unique and good topics. Avoid repeating any topic and learn more to improve your skills. Because through more learning and writing skills, you can create unique, relevant and good topics.
  10. We should share our helpful and useful advices and ideas to make the environment more pleasant. And share correct knowledge and guide every member sincerely. And the senior members must share their useful knowledge with other members
  11. Yes it an excellent and helpful feature. Because sometimes your device or your browser suddenly turned off. And through this feature your post will be saved as draft automatically. Thank you.
  12. I think yes, you can transfer your coins. Yobit us a very secured and good exchange. You can also trade withdraw and invest your coin in yobit. I also suggest you to read , research to get more knowledge and information.
  13. I think your rank will automatically increased when the number of your posts increase. When you complete you first 100 posts, you rank will be junior member. So, work hard to achieve success.
  14. Yobit is such an amazing and wonderful platform. Its features are really good. Its a trusted exchange platform. If you wants to earn more profit through yobit, then yobit investbox is a very good option for you.
  15. This forum provides many useful information. We are like a family here. Here we share our useful knowledge and ideas. We learn about crypto here. And also we earn money here. That's why the forum is essential my friend.
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