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  1. Dear the reason behind this is that i think the moderator has been removed you from the cryptotalk campaign due to violation of some rules of the forum. I think soon you will be able to transfer your money in yobit.
  2. Bundle of thanks dear for sharing information about cryptocurrency and about the forum to work properly. I think this will help bundle of people to work here. I impressed with your points of view.
  3. Hy friends hope you all fine and have good health. Dear we see that 3rd wave of Corona virus affected our business badly and we are in lockdown situation. I have a question that can Corona virus also has any affect on cryptotalk forum. Pleaze give your own opinions.
  4. @DreamStage Thanks for sharing information about looter. I think next like mine other members also beware of this and not involve in any field that looted our currency. God bless you.
  5. @Mandoy01 by reading cryptotalk guidelines we get initial step to work on this forum. We get some basic information about cryptocurrency and about cryptotalk forum.
  6. Yes dear @Aimen Khan payment rules have been changed in the forum. First we get 1000 satoshi per post but now we get only 200 satoshi per post. It is very disappointed. @Mohsin hassan well said dear.
  7. @Naveed khan nice dear well job your information will be helpful for the beginners and they well by following this post. You share some basic information to work on this forum.
  8. @John David simply you can get good reputation by doing post by following the rules and by reading posts of seniors members to get more knowledge about cryptocurrency and do accurate posts. I think you understand dear.
  9. Dear @Sophie0011 the main reason of using cryptocurrency in the world is that world is becoming digital and cryptocurrency is also a digital currency. Other thing is cryptocurrency works rapidly.
  10. Good post dear @Babubu609 ut will help lot of members to gain important steps from post to remain safe and secure on this forum. Keep up the good duty and continue guiding members.
  11. I agree you dear @Rubayed123 i also face this problem in the beginning and get only negative reputation because I have not much know about cryptocurrency and forum rules. So i request seniors to guide newbies and motivate them by giving positive reputation.
  12. Dear @Zerocrisis don't worry about it I think you first replied on this topic and someone read your post and quoted you in his post that is why this option is appear. I think you agree dear. @Saira well guide dear.
  13. Well dear @sidik7 but in my opinion blogs is difficult for the members to work because we saw that many members have no interest of writing. In this forum many members do many mistakes in 100 words writing post. @Satishmolankar, @cryptowinner21 and @Sajjad Hossain nice explain dear
  14. Dear @Yaabu you will be able to get money when your post have good reputation. In order to get more reputation you should increase the quality of your posts then you able to gain good reputation from the members.
  15. Dear @Ch Ayyan i agree you it is necessary to know more knowledge about cryptocurrency to work here. I think by reading ban acount posts we can gain much knowledge and know what is the reason of banning of acount. @hamadahajali and @Lubruselu well dears❤❤.
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