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  1. I have to say you something about this apps I have no idea and no any experience about this apps because I can't ever used any app for earning cryptocurrency not my experience just I have a use cryptotalk site and here I am Sam currency and that's enough so it's my were otherwise I have not done any other activity ok I think is how much take care.
  2. Yes my dear friends care of many apps for earning Kudi cryptocurrency but I haven't used and therefore any cryptocurrency just I am used to protect and here I have done daily 20 post complete my daily task and and the two currencies that's enough I have can not do any work or any side ok good thank you so much take care.
  3. Yes my dear friends i think both store have these apps so as you want easily and you can download you have to download eaaily ao there ia no problems ok good by thak you ai much takecre
  4. My dear friends afcoursly telegram app is one of the best and more popular app in all over the world and crypto is also famus but i cant ever used these apps so i have no idea about this ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  5. My dear friends there are many mobile application in which you have to secure your mobile informations and secure yoir data so i would request you of you really meed these types of applicatioms you have to download trusted and reputated apps ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  6. My dear friends i have no any experience of about mobile applications by earning money because i cant ever used this type of application just i have used cryptotalk and earn money ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  7. Yes my dear friends there are many people were used cryptotalk website so there is less people wants the cryptotalk app so thats about my points of view ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  8. Yes my dear friend i dont know about this apps because i can ever used these types of usefull apps and i think this apps is fake and make crazy people so i didnt beleive on this ok good by thank you so much takecare..
  9. Yes my dear friends there are many applications in which you have to download and money and DD application through cashback and buyer at kabirwala and another account so it is very simple and easiest methood to earn money ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  10. I would say thay about newcomers that they have to be worked regularly and do work properly and after a week your payment is start so every beggeners work seriuosly ok good by thank you so much takcare peaceout.
  11. I agree with you my dear there are many negitivity in this forum but if you want to join this forum and earn money you have to refuse all negitivity and do work easily ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  12. I think we cannot do as this because when we banned our talktoken is waste so when you have collect talktoken we have to be withdrawl money and get ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  13. When i create my yobit account i feel some difficulties by login od password because i create my password is not strong and i feel dificulties when i changed my password and mke strong pasword than i set my yobit account so these shortest mistake will occur during create yobit account ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  14. My dear friends it is not possible to stable currency because currency is a running item and its value have been increased or decreased day by day so there is no passible to currency rate is stable ok good by thank you so much takecare.
  15. Yes you are true because when you do as you will speared all fake news and many other people were used this and seek false ideas so becarefull when you do work otherwise there is no benifit of yours work so takecare ok good by thank you so much.
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