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  1. As of now the price of bitcoin in the market really plays up and down that's why we should watch for it especially if we invest on it so when the price really well we can earn more profits.
  2. In crypto market so many exchange available but yobit exchange is much better, because they runs a good campaign to learn about crypto, and they launch investment box to earn passive income every day, so I considered yobit exchange is really great exchange.
  3. Is blockchain a wallet? Yes of course Blockchain is also an online wallet and it is a system where process all cryptocurrency transaction, because Blockchain technology is the best and the first who start doing or processing those transaction.
  4. Every key pressed by us whether in Pc or android mobile is important. Phone number is also an important part of security and the stronger one too. But scammer start to scam by using our phone number also. we have to be very careful in this regard.
  5. I think that the fear of buying at such a price is the belief in the collapse of Bitcoin and it always causes us a strong rebound, and therefore these low prices are an irreplaceable opportunity to collect more profits.
  6. Its really sad peoples still not understanding this all and trying to spread rumours about cryptocurrency its never been threat for any thing its going to bring revolutionary changes which are giving some good ways for common peoples and big giants financial institutes and companies like now Blockhain is one of best thing which helping in many ways.
  7. We become a good cryptocurrency trader by improving our knowledge about cryptocurrency especially the coins we will love to trade with, we also get to learn how to be patient don't let greed control you, avoid panicking on the market, these will make you a better trader.
  8. Yes I totally agree with you, for you to learn more here on cryptotalk, you have to make friends and also ask questions on a topic. And always make sure to read other people response because you might be able to learn alot from it.
  9. We should create unique and informative topics. Because its a way of sharing useful knowledge that would be helpful for the members. I think we should always make good topics and keep researching for knowledge.
  10. This is a good forum where anyone can earn bitcoin for free and you should work here properly and the crypto gives you bitcoins on daily basis so one day yiu should earn enough bitcoins and it is very safe currency you can use it at any time any place.
  11. Currency doublers are all scams, it doesn't even make sense how will someone double you investment in such a short period of time, scammers use of greed to get the better of us, we should stay away from currency doubler to stop giving these scammers our coins.
  12. I think so dear. But the question that comes to my mind regarding other countries that prohibit such forums, and their people do not have information on cryptocurrencies, how will they accept this matter when they do not know anything about encryption.
  13. This forum work hard and set a goal in front of you and do not despair of achieving it, be patient, learn and read a lot to gain experience and money, do not forget during this to enjoy your time and be happy with all the money and knowledge you gained from the forum, I hope you success.
  14. Your statement is right but I tell you that bitcoin price change every time. If you can hold it for long time then it helps you alot. I prefer you that buy bitcoin when its price is low and sell them when price goes to high. And other side it's your choice you can hold it and then get profit.
  15. You are absolutely right. In order to work in any field you should give your determination towards that work. You need full attention towards the field. And by thus you can master any field and get success in it.
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