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  1. It's really very easy. Because in start I have no idea about this but when I search on YouTube about this then I learned it in few minutes. It's very easy. We can easily see the income and earning of our this platform on Yobit and withdraw easily.
  2. I have less experience about this. I want to say that token might become famous but it can never reaches the platform where the Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is an emerging currency and the tokens are totally different from this currency.
  3. I'm new and have a little bit experience about this forum. I joined this forum few days before. I hope I'll be a senior member here. After that time I'll guide every one here. I want to get information about this forum.
  4. I'm new here and have no idea about this. Because as a beginner you have to face a lot of problems. That's why I'm writing with correct spelling to fare about the deleting of posts. According to my opinion wrong spelling affect the post.
  5. Yes this is true and I have a great information about this. The reason according to me behind this is that these currencies and online currency and we can use it as we want. This currency doesn't need any paper currency. It is online currency and we can send and receive it easily.
  6. Hello to everyone. I'm back. I was untouched by this forum due to my exam. Now I'm free and started working again . After first 100 comments we have to post 20 maximum post and it's income will be sent to our yobit account. My income is started.
  7. I'm new here and i have no idea about this . Because this is my first online work and I'm using this forum first time also. When I use this forum for sometime I'll tell you about everything and I'll be able to work online.
  8. Yes this is really the best platform to earn money for new commers. I'm new here and working online first time . My income is started and know I'm working very hard . I hope I will get the perfect income. I requested all the seniors to help us.
  9. If you are new then it is very difficult for us and if you are new then it is very easy for you. Because as a new member we have less ability to bear all the losses but when we reached the rank of senior than we will be able to face every problem and have patience to look forward.
  10. Yes this is really important. In these days of hacking and scammers. Their is a big risk to lose everything. That's why I'm using the latest way of security and secure my everything with security locked. My everything is locked with my password.
  11. You are senior and you have much idea about this. I'm new and I have no idea about this. In this forum a lot of difficulties are available. A lot of challenges are present but it is difficult for the new commers to face that problems without any help of senior.
  12. Sorry I'm not understanding your questions. How to use cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies is currency which we can use to trade, to exchange, to invest, to earn and to send to others. We can use this currency for all purpose.
  13. I'm new here and I want to know about this. Because I'm new in online platform and this server also . I have no perfect idea about this . If someone senior is here who want to help me . I shall be very thankful to that person.
  14. Yes I agreed Because In few previous day's I see a lot of notifications about free cryptocurrency and all are fake. Because all are trying to get our information and try to reach our account. If once they reaches to our account then we will lose all the currency in our account.
  15. Thank you for this useful advise. I'm new here and looking for new and important information about this forum . Seniors are awesome here because they are trying their best to help all new members. I hope I'll be a best online worker.
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