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  1. Yes you are absolutely right. We need to be a regular member and consistent with our work. By adopting this way, we can learn thoroughly in a better way about cryptocurreny. Take no fear and don't be afraid of losing something there. Keep learning and be focused on your goals.
  2. For trading you need to have an experts opinion as they can guide you better. In my opinion, the best strategy for trading is to be confident on yourself and then trade consciously and wisely. Don't quit on any kind of loss as it's part of trading and learning.
  3. I couldn't understand the term codes. But the payment system of cryptocurreny is easy to understand. We are given 200 satoshis for each rated post and we can get income of maximum 20 posts per day.
  4. Yes you are right, crypto world is facing this risk of scammers. It is advised you to never pay heed to any kind of attractive offer provided by unknown person. Also keep your password strong and never share it with someone to avoid hacking.
  5. As per new rules of payment system, now just one talk token will be given for reaction. I think it will discourage members and they will stop giving ratings to others posts. It will have an impact on rating system. But members should never stop rating and keep supporting informative content.
  6. Till now, the search feature within the topic is not available. But as you have explained, it will facilitate the users to get access to conmments easily as well as it will be helpful for identifying spammers. Your suggestion is really commendable.
  7. Thanks for your precious guidance. Most of the members are facing this issue of low post counts. Most of the topics that are useless or irrelevant gets deleted and in this way our post is deleted too. So we all need to be wise while selection of topic to avoid this risk of post deletion. Select relevant and informative topic that fulfills forum conditions.
  8. Most of the members are asking for this compaign. New members are unable to link their yobit accounts with cryptotalk compaign to earn from this site. But no one can exactly answer to that question. Only moderators can guide you about this properly.
  9. Thanks for sharing this information. Most of the members are facing this issue of getting no payment. This is golden opportunity for such members. Now it's a second chance for such users. This is a very good step taken by supervisors.
  10. Thanks for sharing this information. There are alot of websites and apps that remove grammar mistakes. These are helpful for members who are facing this issue of grammar and spelling mistakes. It seems a good site for auto- correction without any complexity.
  11. I will rate it +5 as with help of this platform, I was able to explore the world of cryptocurreny. It gave me opportunity to learn about this field. It have enabled me to earn some profit by doing simple sort of work.
  12. Forum timing circulates with 24 hours cycle. So might your 24 Hours haven't completed yet. Recall the timing of your previous day rating. Then try after few hours. Hope that then you will be able to add your reactions for today.
  13. Bringing a competitive environment in cryptotalk will motivate members to do more in this forum. It will be a good idea to organise competitions for talk tokens. This will enhance active participants. This will increase demand for talk tokens. Might this will boost price of talk tokens.
  14. I totally agree with your view point. There should be a distinction between Jr members and senior members. There should be some reward for next level or either profit should be increased with increasing rank. It will motivate members to strive for achieving next rank with full motivation.
  15. Cryptotalk is a beneficial site both for learning and earning. In return we need to fulfill real purpose of this platform. We need to post quality content and share informative topics that will facilitate others. We should work to strengthen this forum.
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