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  1. Thank you, my friend, for providing this good information, as all members, especially beginners, find it difficult to choose the right wallet for them and do not distinguish between a safe and an insecure wallet
  2. You are right. You must know the reason for our presence here. It may be because there are some members here to earn money only and others to learn and earn money what and some gain knowledge and experience. It is important that we know which part of them we are with.
  3. My friend, the forum does not take into account an old or new member. The rules are above everyone, and any violator of the rules, regardless of his rank, is banned. Therefore, you must abide by the rules to avoid the ban, because upon ban, your account cannot be opened again and you will be forced to create a new account and start over
  4. Yes, I tried and I am still trying to provide useful information to my colleagues in the forum by helping them and responding to their topics to add knowledge and experience.
  5. Every time my friend, the time varies between the comment and the other. If you are very fast in writing and creating the comment, a red color bar will appear for you in which a certain number of seconds will increase and it increases with your speed increase, where you must wait
  6. Yes, exactly, technology is the focus of everyone’s life. Every day we get developments and new things, making it easier for many things in our lives. Now they are within our reach and dealing with them is more flexible and easy, which attracts people to it.
  7. In fact, it has many risks, but in my opinion, he who acquires knowledge and experience in this field and masters its rules and tries as much as possible to collect information to avoid falling into error, and this leads to a reduction of the risk level
  8. Forum rules should not be violated, and we must all adults and beginners observe them because they are strict rules and laws, even if the number of posts is large, and there is positive interaction and responses because there is no difference between an old user and a new user because the forum’s rules are clear and must be adhered to.
  9. Yes, my friend in the forum, there are several ways to get money so that users can trade it, recognize it and deal with it. You can enter the field of investment or the field of cryptocurrencies, but you have to be careful and vigilant so that you are not deceived and expose your account to risk and expect loss and profit
  10. Of course, I agree with you, because each of us carries ideas, knowledge and information different from the other and without a way. Therefore, if each of us provided information daily, this forum will be renewed and the interaction in it becomes high level. Therefore I suggest that members search different sources for information in the field of cryptocurrencies and put it here to have information New daily
  11. In my opinion, the main guarantee for the survival of the forum is the members without the members. It cannot be called a forum, and information cannot be circulated and renewed through them. We can keep up with developments so we must preserve the senior members who founded this forum
  12. In fact, I received the warning point a while ago, which made me feel sad, and it was because of an unhelpful post that I published honestly, I did not know that this reason had made me receive a warning point, so I decided to follow a new plan in my posts and not be complacent about the topic.
  13. Dear friend, you can move to other departments when you get enough experience and knowledge about those sections because they are sections that go very deep in the field of digital currencies, so I advise you to take the interest and softness, and then think about moving to other departments in cryptography
  14. You can learn everything about this forum by taking a small tour of the posts shared by the members here that explain the answer to common and frequently asked questions. There is also a lot of information about digital and cryptocurrencies that you will benefit from.
  15. I think that there is no harm in working on your account over multiple internet networks, but you cannot create two accounts on the same device or on the same one internet network, so I warned about this topic
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