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  1. That's right my friend, great work from the moderators of the CryptoTalk community. Avoiding active scammers will allow us to work in an excellent way here on this platform. I wish we could finally get rid of them all and keep CryptoTalk 100% legitimate!
  2. Hello friend, the truth is that I didn't know this one yet but thanks to your publication I could read what other users can teach us about it! We will be able to have a higher ranking while our process is running on the platform, however I see that there is no exchange rate or benefit with respect to this. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I congratulate you for your performance here in this forum, I am also in the same situation. I've passed my 100 test posts and I've already started my 20 daily posts. I am looking forward to my first earnings from CryptoTalk! Good luck and success to all of you on this great journey.
  4. Hello incredible information friend, rereading the forum guidelines is never over! Remember that the content we publish has to be of vital importance in order to help all forum users, adding learning and a little more performance in this community.
  5. Hi! Since I also recently joined the forum I can tell you what I really needed to know! Your post has helped me a lot because in my next retreats I will be able to really consider when to do my digital currency exchange to USD. Thank you
  6. As a friend, I think that there are no experts in the field, only experienced people. We are all acquiring knowledge day by day in this forum, it is a community that helps you in the world of crypto's, there is nothing perfect in this world so... We still have a lot to learn.
  7. Hi friend, the truth is that I agree with you. I'm also a recent member of this forum and I've gotten a lot of good information from people with a lot of experience working here as well as the most recent ones! We must all help each other as a community. You have made a good point!
  8. I can highly recommend you to invest in ETH, that's for sure my friend. If you already have the knowledge about it, go ahead! It is said that the price of this digital currency could increase in the next years. It is one of the best quoted currencies in the market.
  9. Hey buddy, you're right. We beginners don't have much idea of all the topics that are discussed in this forum. But in this learning process this kind of publications are very useful for us. Thank you!
  10. Hello friend, your publication was very useful to me. I have read a lot of information that has been useful for me to reinforce my knowledge in cryptography. It is very good to ask before trying to trade, it is not something simple and it is possible to clarify all the possible doubts before investing in trading being a beginner... But everything requires effort and it pays off. I hope you all succeed on this platform! Greetings
  11. That's right, the guidelines of this forum are very important to follow. The faucets depend on the BTC, if the currency rises the faucets will not earn much. I can say, however, that the income offered by this platform is very good. It's a job you can do at ease!
  12. My friend, I tell you that it is always good to work as a team. Since everyone's knowledge is going to do only one function what benefits them in general after analyzing any type of investment in digital currencies. Very good point!
  13. There are several, you can use the or also try with Coinbase, however I can recommend Binance, it has a very comfortable platform. You can't rule out using yobit as a wildcard, it's an efficient platform too! Greetings
  14. Friend, first of all read the guidelines of this forum. Then start with your first hundred posts. Learning in the process you will know what after the hundred you can do daily publications that will generate income at BTC. Greetings and I hope your stay at Cryptotalk will be a pleasant one!
  15. Hello, I feel that I also need to read a little about the BTC but my opinion is that this currency came to change the finances in the future. However, everything depends on the supply and demand in the market, which affects whether this currency will rise in such a way. This is also the case with the other tokens.
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