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  1. Cryptotalk is giving us the big opportunity. To learn and earn at the same time. By just sharing about the stuff you have learned so far you can earn isn't it fun? To have a way of earn that simple. According to me it is fun what do you say?
  2. For working on this forum we should act like professional. As everyone rush to complete their daily task they forgot to recheck their on spellings and just post that stuff. We should recheck it after writing so that atleast spelling mistakes could be avoid. Everyone do make mistakes more or less and we learn from mistakes. Good luck with learning.
  3. Hello seniors and members, I wanted to start some crypto trading and for that I need some guidance that on which crypto currency should I invest? I was thinking of "tether". Is it right? Will this give me profit is future or not? Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.
  4. One of the amazing features! I was writing a comment and that comment was nearly 8 to 12 lines. I was near to post it but a sudden glitch of my device terminate browser. I was worried that I will have to type it again and all this but when I came back to the page it was all there. life saver function.
  5. I have joined this forum to get some knowledge about crypto and till now I have read many useful topics in here. This forum is knowledgeable and the users are giving more and more. As we know Knowledge is key to success.
  6. Exactly, you're right. We can earn and learn at the same time. Cryptotalk is the best forum at yet on which I have visited till yet. Members here are full of knowledge and experience. Now all we need is to Support everyone on this forum to make it strong.
  7. Ever Heard about yobit telegram bot which can be use to check the price on Yobit exchanger. Might be price can be slightly different from other but it's the best. (Due to exchangers can vary in price slightly).
  8. Yes your right. This forum is the best place to get knowledge. As there are educated and professional sharing their experience and knowledge with us. We should support everyone legit. Supporting eachother will lead us all to success.
  9. I'm new on this but according to me experience make us perfect. So I'm preferring Experience instead of Ranks. Ranks can be achieved by so many ways but Experience is a thing which no one can have until he experienced it.
  10. Actually I first started on this forum to earn but now it's the source of knowledge for me. I have learned many things in short timeframe. I have learned trading and holding for earning. Still learning still loading...
  11. According to me your profile is the real reflection of your self. You should have to enjoy the work you're doing instead of just completing it. In this manner your work will be fun and easy to earn. These forums helps you to increase your knowledge so be legit because someone might also learn from your words. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Yes, your right. As you know everyone is in hurry to complete their daily task of 20 posts. This thing leads them to make spelling mistakes. We should act mature and instead of just completing task we should enjoy our work. In this way the work will be fun and easy to earn. Support the legit!
  13. There should be addition of Languages. Separate sections for Giveaways. Add a scroll button for members convince.
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