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  1. I strongly agree with your words. All of us have their own goals and aims. People want to be wealthy, people want fame and people want good health. Whatever the goal is, it comes with a price. That price is your hardwork and your time. The journey to your goal may be long and full of hurdles but it is not impossible. As for my ambition, I want to become a successful marketer in crypto currency and cryptotalk has helped me a lot in educating me about all the aspects of the crypto world. Now I am taking steps towards my ambition.
  2. After completing the 100 posts milestone the member is allowed to get paid. Only 20 paid posts are allowed in a day. 200 talk tokens are granted for 20 useful posts and the limit is also 20 per day. If you get a positive reaction on your post then consider it as a bonus. If your post will get a negative reaction then you will jot be paid. If you make more than 20 useful posts in one day then they will not be counted. So try to write good content and make useful posts in order to make good profits by getting positive reactions.
  3. Since you are new member so first you will have to complete 100 useful posts. That will take 3 to 4 days as we get maximum of 50 posts in a day and many of our posts are deleted due to useless content. After that you will get 20 useful posts in a day. You will get 200 talk tokens for your useful posts that will go to your yobit account and there you can convert them to btc and after that you can send your btc to your wallet. You can withdraw your btc by perfect money or other options provided by yobit. So its simple and easy. Goodluck.
  4. Thank you for letting us know this useful information to all of us. These are very important terms in crypto currency and trading. If any person wants to invest in crypto currency then these terms will come handy. For example "Bullish" and "Bearing" are common terms used in trading if the value of the currency will rise or fall.
  5. Trading requires a lot of knowledge and experience. One should only invest when he has the required skills and confidence to predict the graphs precisely. Trading is only advantageous when the indicators will be green and you can lose your money when the indicators will be red. So time is not essential here but your prediction skills matters. And these skills can only be acquired by time and experience.
  6. Don't worry mate. Yobit is a safe and secure wallet. I haven't earned anything yet from here but my friends transact their credits most of the time. There is no problem in the transactions and the money is transferred safely. The moderators of cryptotalk check for scammers properly and ban suspicious accounts immediately. My advice to you is that send your money only to those who you trust and beware of scammers. As far as cryptotalk and yobit is concerned your account is safe. Thank you and have a nice day.
  7. My dear friend thats a great idea. If you have invested in crypto currency and you are getting profits then you must have experienced the benefits of crypto currency. So, in order to persuade your family members tell them your experience and show then your earnings. I am sure that they will also be motivated to learn about crypto currency. I also want to share my knowledge with my siblings so thankyou for posting this topic.
  8. I will say that Good Content = Good Reputation. Of course it is very important to write good content here if you want high reputation. For good content you should study and research about the crypto currencies on Google or YouTube. Then you can share your learnings with others. If your content will be useful for others then you will be rewarded with positive reacts. And this will also increase your earnings as well. So my friend work hard and you will get what you deserve.
  9. Hello and welcome to this forum. As a new member you should start from the beginners section because beginner section covers all the basic topics and queries about crypto talk. If you have any question then you are allowed to post your own topics and members will help you to solve your problem. But first read all the rules and regulations and follow them strictly. You should observe your seniors and read their posts. By doing this you will get the general idea of crypto talk. After that you can chose your favorite section according to your requirements.
  10. I think most of the people join this platform for money only. The main focus should be knowledge. If you will have knowledge then money will follow automatically. Knowledge can provide you with high earnings. Thank you for sharing these tips. Many new members make these mistakes. They make worthless posts so that they can earn fast but it takes time and experience on cryptotalk. So all of us should focus and work hard.
  11. Hello mate. I always do that. Whenever I click on any topic I go through all the comments carefully. Reading the comments have helped me a lot about crypto talk and other stuff related to crypto. I also leave positive reactions on the posts that provide me some valuable information. There are also members who always motivate me by their encouraging words. I find the solutions to my problems and concerns by reading the comments.
  12. Don't worry my friend just follow the rules of the forum properly. Go through all of them and make your posts accordingly. Post new and unique topics by your own research and contribute to the community. Be friendly and kind to other members. In this way you can get reputation and followers and your account will be safe.
  13. Hello dear. Thank you for asking this important question. As I am a student, I was informed about crypto talk by my classmate. As he explained about the forum I took interest in his words. Then I checked this forum for myself. Now its been a week and I am working here daily. Every day I add new and unique information in my brain. I have learned a lot about the digital currency here by reading the posts. My English has improved and my understanding of trading and mining has increased. So my experience so far with crypto talk has been fruitful and I am totally satisfied.
  14. Hello my dear friend. No, there are no shortcuts in crypto talk. You have to work with full enthusiasm daily in order to generate good income from this forum. Give your 2 to 3 hours daily and write try to write good posts so that your readers can benefit from your posts. Remember that only hardwork can overcome smart. Smart work or shortcuts are easy but they are for a short spam of time. Hard is slow but also effective.
  15. Thank you for providing this useful link. Indeed this will help those members who have difficulty in English. This can improve their spellings and help them to improve their grammer as well. I have seen that a lot of posts becoming useless because they contain errors such as spellings mistakes and grammatical mistakes. So, these kind of posts are deleted. Members should not make mistakes regarding English as English is important here for communication.
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