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  1. Interesting question I'm here for learning from people of different mibds and i want earn from this platform this platform is very easy for earning.
  2. Thank you dear. You are absolutely true knowledge is basic step towards every field and definitely reputation also comes from this we should increase our knowledge to get more reputation
  3. First of all appreciate your hard work but you just need to have little tolerance ,if you haven't received likes or token points then i suggest you should try to create your own posts which include knowledge
  4. I really haven't info about dice coin but after reading yours post or comments of many others i know about it thanks for increasing info
  5. Yes i agree not every profit depends on luck mostly depends on hardwork luck is optional or bace on some chances but hard work is surely a way to success
  6. You are right we should create own topics instead of copy paste of other topics should doing own research about platform and then create topic related
  7. You highlighted a interesting topic every field has positive or negative people you are true we should focus to get permote instead of getting jealousy
  8. I agree for new commers the second section new beginners is the best section for take start from its consists of easy posts and understandable
  9. True thank you for information i think you are right all beginners should learn from this post ,thanks again for such informative post
  10. I think you should not invest untill you are much expert about the results you will have after investment i think you should ask to some seniors then go for this best of luck
  11. True this platform is full of knowledge i was also knkw a little bit about this forum that we have to comment daily only 20 to earn but when I'm here i know many things full of information
  12. Yes I'm also happy to here its a really great platform for gain knowledge from others view and for earning i also feel lucky to know about it Happy earning to all
  13. Very interesting thanks for sharing your experience its really motivated for all readers and exactly knowledge is a key towards success
  14. Cryototalk is a good forum for earning but i don't think so it will be a main professional site for earning for whole day it's consider as a part time job i think so
  15. Thank you so much for sharing such a helpful guidelines I'm also new and near about completed my 100 comments i appreciate you for share and help through knowledge Thanks
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