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  1. It is best for you if you are still studying ,, first it will make your mind in a state of permanent work and always stimulate your mind to learn and think, because you are gaining a lot of knowledge and interesting information here ,, and I think that this matter will help you focus in your studies, especially if you make your work here as a kind of Kinds of comfort from studying .. In addition to that, you will get money that will help you cover all your study expenses.
  2. Hi.. I finally got my official job, I work as a teacher, and I will start teaching in school soon. I love children very much and am excited to meet them .. I recently started my work on the platform, and I plan to become a professional in the world of cryptocurrencies and advance in my level of knowledge of it. I have made the platform one of my goals for this year, through I will prove that I am still able to learn new, and at the same time it will help me improve my English greatly ..
  3. This is true, regardless of whether the post is from a new or old person on the platform ,, useful information must be praised and received attention from everyone .. I was excited to find out what information you have about cryptocurrencies, my friend, and I hope that you will share it with us, so that we can all benefit from that, and exchange knowledge together .. And before I forget ,, there are many people who have known what cryptocurrencies are for a long time ,,. But it is possible that they had not heard of the forum until late.
  4. Having a higher ideal for a person, always pushing him forward and better. It makes him always motivated to be like him and follow in his footsteps ,, it is wonderful to have a successful and good example at work ,, make you love the work that you do and with constant enthusiasm .. I also hope to become one of the professional and expert members of the platform ,, and offer the benefit to others and it ...
  5. Certainly ,, the pursuit of an advanced position without concern for experience and knowledge from work, is worth nothing, compared to people who seek to benefit from the situations they face at work, and always focus on learning .. I believe that experience and knowledge in itself is an advanced level on the personal level of the individual, which makes him always search for the most appropriate way to reach the dream and goal, and it is the first step to success ..
  6. Most likely, the reason is that your topic already exists and has many responses. There may be many reasons for this matter, but I think that repetition is the biggest reason that leads either to locking the post or to permanently delete it. The platform always needs to be renewed in its topics .. I hope that we will find someone to answer us and give us the reasons that may lead to this result.
  7. Hello ,, my friend, you can go to a section about the forum in order to learn the laws correctly .. As for the conditions, after reviewing the laws and their compliance, you must first make 100 useful posts on the platform, by commenting on the posts, and these are 100 unpaid posts .. After that, every day you have to complete 20 useful paid posts, for which we receive payment from the yobit platform .. It is easy and fun, but you have to take good care of gaining knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies to be able to always participate in everything new.
  8. Really ,, adding some fun to work makes us feel relaxed and keeps us away from boredom and tiredness ... I mean that if we deal with the platform in a simple and easy way, our work will also be easy ,, it is not necessary for us to spend all day creating posts and comments ,,. We can also take some time to browse and get to know others here. We can make our work on the platform for breaks from study, for example, But we must definitely work with our full focus during the official working hours.
  9. It is true, and this post is very important, because we must work in a team spirit on the platform .. Because the greater strength is present in collective action, and through that achieving more than one goal, and we must express our opinion in a positive and constructive manner, and motivate the new members to interact more and participate permanently with whatever is useful ,, to raise the platform to the top ..
  10. Hello my friend ,,, At the beginning, let your biggest focus be on gaining abundant knowledge about cryptocurrencies ,,, and that the forum is mainly intended to teach people everything about cryptography and cryptocurrencies .. First you have to make the first 100 posts, and then you should make 20 useful daily posts related to cryptocurrencies, but during the work there are some rules and laws that must be adhered to well, and you can find them in a section about the platform ,, to read them with focus and thought .. With this matter, you will have started the actual work and will get money for every 20 useful posts every day.
  11. Of course, my friend, you can get the criteria for writing publications in the section about the platform, and there you can also find all the rules and laws that we must follow to work properly, without making any mistake .. I think that you work smartly and with a creative spirit in the forum, away from the traditional work that leads to boring routine ..
  12. Of course, my friend, I agree with you, to achieve development in the forum, our posts must be rich in real knowledge, and contain everything useful about cryptocurrencies I see good for us by increasing reading and research in order to disseminate the largest possible amount of benefit and valuable information, and to achieve the best results at work .. Read more my friend, because you will achieve what you want, when you know more ..
  13. Hello my friend ,, First of all, we are dealing with CryptoTalk, whose reliability and quality have proven over time, and I think that it is the best ever and there is no better forum than it is to work with cryptocurrencies .. Really, I think that joining the forum is a right decision, because you will achieve all the knowledge and experience you seek, and you will get to know a lot here, and also make money through work. .
  14. Nothing will happen my friend, the matter is that only one comment will be counted if you respond twice to the same post .. Therefore, I hope that we will all be more focused in this regard, in order to benefit from the other comment in another post, and also by that we will be more committed to the rules and instructions of the forum ..
  15. The encryption talk helped me keep abreast of everything related to technological development, and learn more about cryptocurrencies. In addition, I strengthened my language through my communication with others in the English language, and I could talk about cryptocurrencies with anyone in my daily life with full force and confidence, Based on the experiences I have gained here ...
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