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  1. Well done my friend it's a really cool post. The friendly success that accompanies us throughout our lives when we reach it. Through it, we motivate ourselves to achieve more and motivate others as well. Success is a true happiness that we strive to achieve, and through it we achieve balance and development. We investigate ourselves through it, my friend .. I hope that success will accompany us in our course of work in the forum.
  2. Hello my friend, I am delighted to have joined the Creptotalk Forum and I wish you well. Forum Rules are included in the About Forum section. All you need is included but read carefully Your posts should be useful. It should not be duplicate, it should not be printed by others, and it should not contain what is offensive, not less than 100 characters. It is better for you, my friend, to read more about cryptocurrencies and all that is new. I hope that you finish the first 100 posts with patience and start writing 20 useful and paid posts ..
  3. Hello my friend, I believe that by committing to work in the forum and continuing to search for what is useful to create through them posts that contain interest and real knowledge and give the forum a lot of information about cryptocurrencies, you will gain a good reputation. Yes, my friend, the useful and intelligent participation that contains creativity will inevitably receive positive interaction .. The important thing is that you do not exceed the forum rules in order to continue with it and to get all that is wonderful .. I wish you success
  4. Hello friend, I thank you for joining the Creptotalk forum which is based on credibility. Firstly, when logging into the account on the Yobit platform, we link it to the Creptotalk forum account, so that the written posts and the number of paid posts appear, so the number of deleted posts appears. I hope everything is clear, my friend ..
  5. Yes, my friend, that's cool .. We must enrich our minds with everything new because there is no limit to the ability of the human mind to know .. We can understand various topics at the same time through continuous research and reading, nurturing our minds with it and communicating with others because intellectual giving is beautiful, my friend .. I wish everyone in this forum to achieve all that is beautiful.
  6. Well, my friend, I think that evaluating the issue is the most important .. We need to know is it a useful post that contains great knowledge? Will we, through our interaction with them, achieve development in the forum? Is there really no time wasting our time reading it? I think that we should be calm in our selection of posts and that we read them carefully before expressing our opinion on them. I wish you good luck, my friend ..
  7. Hello my friend, yes, of course, you have to write your own posts. This indicates your creativity and intelligence. By doing so, you avoid violating a rule of the forum’s rules, which is not to print posts from others or from Google .. I think it is better for you to write your own opinions on this, and to enhance your ability to debate with others. Make yourself a slogan while working in the forum is excellence and creativity, my friend .. I wish you success ..
  8. Yes, my friend, I agree with you. When we see a useful post that contains knowledge, we interact positively with it in order to be a motivating factor for the forum members to write more and achieve the development of the forum. In my opinion, we have to be honest in our interaction, because everything is too much to bring about suspicions and questions, my friend ..
  9. Wonderful, my friend. Well said .. Failure is only the beginning The best teacher is our mistakes. We have to make them lessons for us to learn from and we must repeat them. Courage, willpower and patience are qualities of a successful person. There is no shame in science and learning, my friend .. We have to be proud of ourselves because we were able to rise strongly and continue our path towards success. In this forum, we must share everything related to knowledge and development, so that we may reach our goal ..
  10. Hey, my friend. Actually your words are correct, and I agree with you .. Reading is not an easy matter because it is not sufficient to knowingly read the largest number of pages Rather, the question here is what did I understand from your reading? What is your opinion of what I have read? What do you remember from your reading? Real knowledge is the result of what you read and what you gain through your continuous research. We have to work here and develop our minds by increasing our knowledge about cryptocurrencies to achieve more success.
  11. Awesome my friend I really thank you for this helpful post. Patience, learning, self-confidence, enduring difficulties, positivity, continuous and uninterrupted research, striving for what we want to achieve with all sincerity and sincerity, loving what we want to do, believing in our abilities and that we can achieve the impossible .. All these qualities are the keys to achieving our dreams and goals, so that we can be certain that we can .. I wish everyone in this forum success and happiness..
  12. Well, my friend, I joined this forum and I am determined in myself to achieve more knowledge. I really want to keep abreast of technological development and learn more about cryptocurrencies .. I think that our communication in this forum supports our language and makes us test ourselves in the extent of awareness of everything new in science .. We achieve success and happiness, my friend ..
  13. Welcome, my friend, to the Creptotalk forum and wish you success .. First of all, you should not bypass the forum rules in order not to be banned. You should create 100 useful posts and after you finish publishing them You start by creating 20 useful paid posts that must contain all that is useful and not be duplicate and printed from the words of others or Google, all you have to do is write your own opinion It should not be less than 100 characters and not contain what is offensive. You can find everything related to the forum in About Forum. My friend, read carefully and work with commitment for the sake of knowledge and achieving what you want. Let's cooperate in achieving this, my friend.
  14. Well said, my friend .. Every day, a new information, a new discovery, science does not stop, like a river that flows without interruption .. The more we know, the more we discover that we do not know much, because knowledge, my friend, has no limits With knowledge, you become rich from the inside. We have to continue reading, learning, and sharing what we learned with others in that forum ..
  15. Yes, my friend, I agree with you that the future of cryptocurrencies is bright and will spread widely because our time requires speed in trading and financial transactions, apart from the technological development that we are witnessing .. Working on the Creptotalk forum will enrich you with knowledge about cryptocurrencies and all that is useful. I wish everyone to achieve more.
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