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  1. We can get money by way of trading in cryptocurrencies in this forum with very simple terms and rules, which is that we enter the forum daily and write about 20 comments or posts to achieve the money we need.
  2. Well, we must make sure that the account does not have any problems, but I believe that if a personal account is opened for it, it is much better to avoid scams and not to fall into any problem.
  3. In the beginning, the English language must be good, he must be fluent in reading and writing, and he must have sufficient knowledge and information about cryptocurrencies, and this is done by research to learn more, and therefore this leads to earning more money.
  4. We can profit from this site by first writing 100 comments for free, and then after that the payment starts every 7 days on the comments and publications that we publish, as it should not be less than 20 or 25 comments daily in order to ensure that our tiredness does not go away without getting money.
  5. Yes, my colleague, I think it will help us a lot in covering the daily expenses because the reason for entering this forum is to increase earning money and help us meet the daily and necessary needs.
  6. My friends, we must first read the post and then understand the post, and when writing comments and posts, we must abide by the forum rules and respect others as well.
  7. Thank you, my friend, for this topic. First, the novice must comment 100 comments for free, then start publishing or commenting about 20 comments, while adhering to the forum rules and respecting others.
  8. The information that should be known about cryptocurrencies is first knowledge of the forum’s laws and adherence to them to avoid the ban and publishing topics that benefit others to earn money and a good reputation.
  9. It is difficult for us as beginners to create new topics every day because we do not have enough information about cryptocurrencies, but we must develop ourselves day after day to gain more experience.
  10. In the beginning, beginners must pass the stage of 100 comments for free, and then they can post 20 useful comments a day and get good money, and this post or comment must be within the forum rules.
  11. We must abide by the rules of the forum and not publish less than 100 characters, and also do not publish topics that have nothing to do with the existing question and that we respect others.
  12. Yes, this is true. We must experiment more than once and be patient and learn from our mistakes in order to have wide experiences and always present useful topics.
  13. First of all, it is necessary to follow the terms of the forum and to have a lot of information about the cryptocurrency and to respect the opinion of others and their participation and give them a good reputation.
  14. Yes, this idea is very good because fraudsters do not respect other people's work and seek to ruin the work. I would like to thank all forum members for their good work.
  15. We must beware of unreliable links and not put personal information in any untrusted site, and we must know information about any topic before entering it.
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