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  1. We must be in this forum one family and respect each other, it provides us with personal work while we are at home during quarantine, everyone has bad conditions in light of Corona and everyone needs money, so the rules must be followed to avoid mistakes.
  2. Allocating time for success is the basis for continued success, the more time and focus you give to this forum, the more knowledge and money you gain at one time.
  3. Science is the basis of success and the basis of life, and this forum allows us to learn and earn money simultaneously and this is very wonderful
  4. Hello my friend, before I entered this forum, I did not have any information about the world of cryptography and digital currencies. Yes, the first 100 posts are like introducing the forum and the basic rules to start investing and trading after.
  5. The profile picture is optional and does not affect your work. Working on this forum needs knowledge and research to get positive reactions. As for the personal picture, it may reflect a small aspect of our choices and our personalities, but it does not affect the quality of our work.
  6. Hello friend, you should finish the first 100 posts, then start publishing 20 posts per day of value and useful information to get positive feedback, the more valuable your posts, the more payments you get. Good luck
  7. It takes patience and perseverance to work, I think it takes about 10 years to work on this forum to get Bitcoin 1, but if you work with trading, investing and buying some currencies, this means speeding up your acquisition of Bitcoin
  8. The road to success is always full of risks, we must be patient to reach our goal, trading is a wonderful thing and it is the goal of everyone, we must focus, research and accuracy to reach the correct trading
  9. I do not believe most of the ads because they are incorrect and the profits they offer are fictional, so you should not click on them so as not to continue publishing
  10. According to my little experience, the forum is progressing for the better, thanks to the efforts of old members who improve the performance of posts and because of the new forum rules,
  11. Congratulations on getting the 100th job, and I hope that I will finish them too soon, I think that going step by step towards success and gaining knowledge is the best, just as climbing up the ladder of success degree degree, I wish you good luck and strive for success myself as well
  12. First, according to my little knowledge, knowledge and understanding in this forum is the basis for trading, there is no doubt that it is fraught with risks, without us being familiar with cryptocurrencies.
  13. I do not think my friend that this is easy. 400% is a big number and we cannot profit in a short time, I prefer trading at the moment because I am still a beginner
  14. You are right, we must make good friendships with each other to exchange experts, but at the same time we must beware of those bad people who may send us bad programs that may harm us.
  15. It is considered the first digital currency and it is available to everyone without exception, no one controls it, and everyone predicts a good future for it with the technological development, that the era of cryptocurrencies has begun.
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