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  1. We actually need to patient. Nothing good comes easily. We need to take up our task and be ready to work in the forum in other to achieve our aim of joining the crypto community.
  2. If there's no electricity in my village I will not convert my currency to fist. I will store them in my wallet and patiently waiting until the electricity is restored or rather go to the nearest village where there is electricity.
  3. It is beneficial if you can invest in the right site so that your earning will eventually increase. Storing your currency means leaving all your earnings in your wallet for a long time with the hope of using them when their value increase.
  4. I also see crypto as a way of catching fun. Anytime I'm less busy and bored, I login to my account to see many funny posts and comments. It is really a kind of fun.
  5. Taking a break for few days may not lead to you been banned. Unless you are offline more than necessary. Your earning will surely stop when you no longer post anything again.
  6. It is not good to waste your time on ill content posts. Such post does not necessarily need your attention.always shun them or give them back nagative mark.
  7. Read the forum rules and regulations, no copy and paste posts, no abusive words, no out of line comments, 20 posts per day after your fist 100 posts and much more.
  8. Cryptotalk is not just bias, they do justice to every member regardless.indeed it gives advantages and neccessary offers for making extra income that will support and improve our daily lives.
  9. What makesba post to get more likes is if the content of your post is informative, educative, valuable and rational then that post most have more likes.
  10. It is necessary to rate good and valuable posts in the forum. Let not keep the rating to our selves. They're not meant to be kept, they are meant to be given. So let give them out.
  11. You may get financial independent on cryptotalk if you know how to manage your earrings. Always invest your earnings and be determined.
  12. The most important thing is to read and assimilate the rules and rulations as stipulated in the rules and regulations section. Always ask the Senior members.
  13. What you said I actually right. Serious dedication and determination will surely lead to huge earnings. Also follow the rules and regulations of the forum.
  14. Cryptotalk is actually great and it is doing great job. They educated members on different perspectives including trading in crypto currencies, how to avoid scammers and also pay members for learning all this.
  15. Before investing your earrings always seek for advice from the old members who have been in the system for long in other to know the right site to invest.
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