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  1. This is good. Yes, you must focus on reading the topics well and masterfully. This makes it easier to understand the information and then say a comment, positive or negative. I wish you success in your work.
  2. Yes, my friend, of course, I agree with you. This wonderful forum and this useful and interesting work that we spend all the time gives us motivation and competition. Who will be the best here and get an award, how wonderful it is 😍❤️
  3. Welcome to the world and cryptocurrencies. I am also new. I joined last week. I am studying at the College of Commerce and Economics and I am working to gain more knowledge about my studies and I hope you work hard
  4. Thank you, my friend, for this post ... This gives us an incentive for our interest in topics and publishing them. New members benefit from information and knowledge increases for everyone. I wish you good luck in your work to be an effective member
  5. Welcome, my friend, you have to work hard every day, abide by the rules and not violate them, and publish useful topics and not be repeated or copied during suspension. This exposes you to luck. I wish you good luck in your work
  6. Yes, my friend, of course, suitable for everyone, and I am a university student. I spend a long time here. Sometimes I suffer because the network is weak. It is useful for improving languages and increasing information.
  7. This is wonderful. We hope for that and hope that we will all be persistent and active members in this forum. You click on Search, and important topics appear to you, but I see repetition in the same sense of the topics
  8. This is true, my friend, what you say is correct. Publish information with useful and important content, as it will attract others, gain admiration and gain experience, so you are enthusiastic about spreading information more and more
  9. Slow down, my friend, for you are what you have to do other than seek to publish important topics with useful and important content to win the admiration of others, and to ensure compliance with the rules and not violating them this way
  10. All here, my friend, we love to work in this wonderful forum because we gain knowledge and information and gain more experience in it. It is credibility in everything. It is the best and I hope to be an effective and useful member
  11. Yes, my friend, this is true ... We have to create important topics of value that benefit the new members and win the admiration of senior members and officials, and we must create topics from which we can all benefit
  12. Welcome, my friend, I’m new here a week ago, and I’m aware that after completing 100 comments, you have to do 20 posts every day and add 5 if your post is removed. As for what you do, I don’t know if it is true or false
  13. You very much thanks and appreciation for this wonderful statement. Grateful to you, you should take caution and caution, read the post and focus before commenting, so that we are not subject to the ban
  14. We are all here to gain knowledge and increase information in this wonderful forum. We hope that we will work hard and persevere and learn about topics with useful and important content to be active members in this forum
  15. This is true, my friend, we have to learn and focus on ourselves, like what I said, to learn about cryptocurrencies and how to be ideal investors by researching and browsing, gaining experience from senior members and learning from them
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