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  1. The fear of Missing out or the fear on not wanting try new things is actually bad for a person who has dreams of becoming someone in the future, that fear lone is really not good for anyone let alone talk of someone hoping to become n investor.
  2. Generally, investing in cryptocurrecy can really be very profitable as long as one observe the market very carefully, because if you just decided to enter the world of cryptocurrecy without proper knowledge, then you surely stand to lose.
  3. Well, of course I want BTC at both prices, I would want to at a lower price when I wan to buy and I would want it at a higher price when I want to sell it, that the way I would earn some huge profits.
  4. Well, it kind of normal for cryptocurrecy to go higher in price at a certain month in the year, but also the Corona pandemic has really affected or influence the prices too, that's because people are afraid to use paper money which can serve as a source of transmission of the virus.
  5. Well, I read about people who were scammed from there cryptocurrecies and still not get them back till now, but to me it's ok, because it just a risk of life, I mean what if the investment did work? , Would they still blame crypto? No, so let them just try another place.
  6. Well, I am not aware of the type that forke happens because I was not a registered member then, but from your posts, I would definitely start saving my BTC in a place where there won't be any fake promise of additional income that won't happen.
  7. That's a good idea, but also it can work in two directions, because you may cash out and then the price of crypto would still be going high and also you might leave it and the price of crypto may fall, so the best thing to do is just to withdraw it and wait to see how the market turns.
  8. You already said it, you gain two invaluable things from crypto knowledge and profit, so why should you leave it, if your country is not really against it, then you can continue with it, since there are other sites you can partake very much in cryptocurrecy stuffs.
  9. kion

    Crypto as a gift

    Well, kind of funny to me, me my self I have not earn enough BTC let alone to gift it to some one else, I mean that if they want it too, then they should work for it just as the way I did to get mine, so I don't think I can gift BTC or any other cryptocurrecies to anyone yet.
  10. Nope, I can't, my job would pay me whether I work or not, while cryptocurrecy needs me to always work, I mean a good job has some security advantages which you would benefit after retirement, while cryptocurrecy would stop immediately you stoped took. So cryptocurrecy is just going to be a additional sources of income for me.
  11. Well, I guess the predictor of that xrp price must still be alive to witness what is happening to the price of xrp to day on this day 2021, it's really surprising as to how a currency with that high hopes would just become something of conflict and all the hopes we have in it are some how been dashed away.
  12. Well, thank you, but for me, I really don't see the signature as a very vital issue which must be added to my account or post, and also why I don't like it is because it has nothing to do with my pay rates, with it or without it, the work pay rate still remains the same.
  13. I am among the few furtunate ones to have known about cryptocurrecies and also took interest in them, since the past 3 years that I knew about them, I have always admired the development in technology and because it would make things easier for foreign transaction.
  14. Well,I have not been withdrawing money from any cryptocurrecy sites yet,so I won't definitely say which one has the lowest withdrawal fee, but I do hear some of my friends talking about litecoin having a lower fee of withdrawal.
  15. Yeah, that's really great ways to making additional Bitcoin or other cryptocurrecies, because we can't just rely on a specific job to earn us so much to the extent that we would say we are earning enough
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