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  1. Hi dear.. if we fallow the rules and try best with honesty and avoid from volilation that will be good for us. If we just stop to post tgen we will naot receive any more payment from this forum. Just stop the working is not effect yoir account.
  2. Hi dear.. we are here not just for rewards. We are here for a beneficial knowledge learning and experience about different this that's are most reliable and trustworthy for us. Therefore we should to try best that others get some thing new from our posts and comments.
  3. Yess dear.. i agree with you if we avoid copy paste and create own topics it will be very beneficial for us and also its increase our knowledge and learning. We should work hard and make sure thats our post are vaild and reliable.
  4. Hi dear.. i had not any idea about dice. After visiting and reading the post and comments i have know a little bit more about that. Thanks you so much for increasing our knowledge and giving something new.iys very helpful for me and like me others un awarea persons.
  5. Hi dear.. you are absolutely right if anyone have batter knowledge the. He/she can create a reliable and Athantic psots and get good reputation on his/her post that is much solid way to make reputation.i am sotrongly agree with you.
  6. Hi everyone i am so happy works at this forum.its give me Alot of knowledge and improve my learning skills.ita also effects on my english vocabulary. Now feelings are very amazing working and learning on it.
  7. Hi dear.. according to my experience if you work honestly and continusly with patients that would be very helpful for you dear. Its depends on you and your work that how effective post you create and how much you learn and also get of luck dear.
  8. Hi dear you absolutely right i agree this suggestion and topic. I have learned more at this place improve my skills and knowledge. There is so many ways to learn everyone is giving there suggestions and shere experience according his/her skills. I so happy to be here.
  9. Hi dear i am also a new commer i have not any valid suggestions for about investment because i have not enough experience about that. In my opinion you should discuss with seniors that are working already and getting rewards with there experience and knowledge. Seniors will guve you a excellent and valid suggestions.
  10. Hi dear.. i am new here according to my opinion we should read completely with concetration. Reading wiil be very beneficial for us its increase our knowledge its effects on our skills and learning. Its make us to make a usefull reply and that guve excellent experience.
  11. Hi dear i am a biggner but according to my experience if we work hard consistently with honesty and at the completion of 100 comments we will be a registered membs at this forum and with the passage off time when we completed our work continuesly we will learn more and improve our knowledge and skilss.
  12. Hi dear.. i am strongly agree with you we should make sure about this and then invest something. Thank you so much for your kindness and giving advice to biggners. Your point is valid and most valuable for all of us biggners and mates including me.
  13. Hi dear i have not any experience but in this post i have learned from my sinors suggestions that if you complete your 100 comments you will work more efficient way with honesty in 1 week yiu will get your of luck.
  14. Hi dear. That section is fullfill with alot of knowledge and also giving golden tips to new commers its also give suggestions for effective learning and tell about rules and regulations of work. That is most helpful for biggners. Biggners get Right direction about there work.
  15. Hi dear congratulations for your this completion and wish u a best off luck may you suceed more.on this occasion i want to say you please keep supporting to others specialy new commers like me. Best of luck keep it up..
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