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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. Depends on the mood of cryptotalk Good Writing The better the mood, the better it will go Good mind moves in good mood
  2. Yes, you are absolutely right that you should not admit Identification on any website because they can misuse our identity Can also be used in any kind of pain which will cause harm later
  3. Absolutely right, scammers get a chance for the from telegram too We should try and avoid them So that we don't have any mosque trouble ahead I agree with you This post was very knowledgeable
  4. You are absolutely right that by stepping on a person to move forward It is very important to have a patient It is said that the fruit of patience is very sweet Thank you so much
  5. Yes, this is very beneficial I can fulfill my right My Books My Internet Package Everything i can make at this platform Invest a lot of money in bitcoins in future
  6. Absolutely right, one should not give negative because it can cause issues to his accounts as well. If his contact is wrong then you should explain
  7. Tough at the beginning , but they understand very soon When they understand then it becomes easy for them We will try to get knowledge as soon as possible, gain more knowledge so that work can easily
  8. Yes if you have viral then you will get more money People will be attract to you they will wait for your next post Please guide me if i'm wrong Thank you so much
  9. First of all Congrats for 100 posts Now create an account on the youbit And make good money by posting 20 daily Content should be good for comments Who will be affected Thank you so much
  10. Hello Everyone, Initially I am very difficult but now I am getting easier because I have got very good knowledge from here and also not very good from Google. I have completed the underpass but I need the Guidance very much right now
  11. Yes you are right And I think Also do another mistake Comment without reading the post It's against the rules And every topic should be different Every topic Should be change It affects on everyone
  12. Thank you so much, this post was very beneficial for us. You are absolutely right that one should first learn Rules and regulation And every comment should have good content so that it gives good like Is a very good platform to earn very good money Thank you so much
  13. Yes you are absolutely right scammers Keep on offering like this But we should do Precaution , we should not talk to them like this As they get a chance This post is very favorable for bigners Thank you so much
  14. No, I am not trading anything, but I am getting a good Knowledge from Here But i think in the future i will trade We can make good money by trading but as long as we understand that then It would be beneficial for us And thank you very much you gave us the information The post was beneficial for us
  15. Yes, I have also noted that people are going away from here Do not understand the real reason why people are moving away from this platform, this platform is very good This platform gives good knowledge and gives good money
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