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  1. The skills that are required here are reading and writing English language and conceiving power more and quickly and you should know how to make sentence,If you have these skills you succeed here.
  2. This is nothing like maximum or minimum criteria for a post you can make a post 100 words and will not be useful and post of 40 words will be useful Gather enough data which can be useful and relevant for other.
  3. I think you should organize the fix working time.It is part time job for us.we will use the leisure time.working leisure time here can be enjoyed very well.
  4. We should have to do work hard with unity.After that we can hope good return.In this platform we learn how to do work independently with own mind and earn with own hard work.
  5. Motivation plays an important role for success,so stay motivated and stay successful.It inspires us and gives us the courage to work.we need to work hard and we have to face many difficulties.we must work hard so that one day we will succeed.
  6. The forum expert member and real life expert member have so many differences,if we spend more time in this forum,then we achieve expert tag,but in real life crypto experts know everything in crypto, they already face critical conditions and they know how to solve that situation.
  7. The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step but to be sincere is not always easy from the start.But with the involvement of hard work and motivation we are all going to archive the common goal.succrssful people started from a single step.
  8. I have never bought btc with euros but I think your post is very good because suddenly in the future I have euros and I want bitcoin,so I will analyze the platforms you recommend me.
  9. Today I have completed my first 100 posts after long time and now I can be able to create posts in other sections too.I have learnt many skills in these 100 posts and now my target to complete the score of 100 posts.
  10. There are different sections for commenting or posting on this site.Not everyone has expertise in all the sections.This is a site for gaining money as well as gaining knowledge.So you have to an idea about all the sections and gain knowledge.
  11. Reading always increases our knowledge so we can learn lot by exploring all the sections of the forum and by reading the posts there with good and quality content.we learned a lot and it also help us in our English writing skills and reading.
  12. No pain no gain meaning if we work hard we can achieve his goal we can learn knowledge and information about crypto and we can succeed in future but if we don't work hard then we will gain nothing.
  13. Reputation is only way which has the major cause of increasing your earning that you feel enjoy from it crypto talk is a largest platform which is full of knowledge base earning project with a base of a good reputation.
  14. This forum is great opportunity for those who want to learn about crypto currencies.The main motto of this forum is to provide you great knowledge and experience.you should always post creative and informative that help others.
  15. You have to create good quality posts,and you have to make useful comment.The good posts attracts and the increases the number of view which means the more quality post you wrote the more viewers you get and more respected and trusted you become.
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