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  1. No matter what you will do on this platform, patient is the key and very important on this site, just be patient and always know there will be success and reward for your patient, so we should keep on having patience, and always work hard.
  2. This is good topic especially for we the newbies, let try and work and but our head together just to motivate each other so that we can increase the chance to gain experience and knowledge about crypto currency and crypto market.
  3. Yes i do, Almost or many of this advert that offer more return in a short time, and they are way of scamming users out of there money, they use tactics of new investors and traders, as a trap to earn money, and some users fall into this kind of trap so be careful and alert about it.
  4. There are many ways that you earn and get more reward by taking part in some activity on this platform not only your paid post, but if you want to be paid for your post you must make sure your post is very useful so that you can get positive reactions and you will be paid only for post that have positive reactions, they don’t pay negative reactions.
  5. if you need and want to know something about the best thing, i think what i have to say to everyone is to learn and make sure you have experience and knowledge about crypto currency before you join so that things will be easy for you on this platform and make sure you know the rules and regulations of this platform.
  6. From my own experience with what i usually use to do, this platform is not waste of time, but it depends on how some users are working on it, for instance working on this platform we can call it waste of time just think about the payment alone, while we are earning at the same time we are gaining experience and knowledge about crypto currency and crypto market.
  7. This topic is very good and have some very beautiful words dear friend, actually, let try to be patient so that we can meet and achieve our goal and our dreams, so that we can also gain and achieve profit, and let try to be active on this platform.
  8. i think those comments are different, cause there are some post that are been deleted on our yobit panel, and the yobit panel shows only post that are useful and it does not show deleted post.
  9. I don’t think there is any best wallet, but the only way you can know or detect a best wallet is by the popularity and the way the wallet is well secured, my advise is that don’t go for the best or popular, just go for wallet that is well secured and organized. Thank you
  10. Am a beginner or this platform, i think i have to do 100 post at first , and 20 comments per day for earning reputation and money, am i right? reputation from all the users on this platform, and i always ask where i don’t know.
  11. This kind of issue, you have to know how to be patient and calm, this is like a crypto currency test, on how to survive in this kind of global instability, if there are trust of many people in this digital currency will be kept, crypto and crypto currency will soon recover and take over the in the future.
  12. yeah that is true, i want to say don’t copy others work and always do what will prevent you from this act, this might lead your account to banned, try by all means to avoid this kind of issues for your own sake and the safety of your account to get banned, thank you.
  13. Working together as a team brings the best results and the reason for this platform, is to create better terms for all users, by giving them experience and more knowledge, it also correct their mistakes, we will work as a team but the result will not be the same to all users base on their approach.
  14. I think the best way and best idea you can comment is that your post should be related to the topic, crypto currency and this platform, but if your ideas are very many you can just give us the one that is useful to the platform and users will benefit from it, make sure that your comment worth is not the one that can be deleted.
  15. Hi everyone, your comment have to be a good content, with meaning and make sure it have information that will be useful and interesting to the platform, this will make your publication to be accepted as positive, it is the matter of getting use to it, let the share of ideas flow.
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