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  1. I agree with you, my friend and I also believe that we must use this in our life in order to become successful people in our lives. Thanks for bringing up such a topic.
  2. Hello friend, in fact, we should pay more attention to the quality of the posts we create, because the forum pays us for only useful posts that help all members get good and useful information in the crypto world.
  3. Now, my friend, I complete at least 20 posts per day, but the content should be very useful, and you also have to adhere to the rules when creating it, and after 7 days after you finish it, you will get paid.
  4. My friend, according to my information, we get a negative reaction when we don't adhere to and break the rules. Additionally, each member has their own opinion.
  5. In fact, my friend, we need to read the rules and always stick to them in our minds so that we don't forget them. Mistakes are part of our daily life and even in this forum, but we can avoid mistakes here by reading the rules, especially for beginners in this forum, they have to read the rules first, and then they can continue their work.
  6. As for me my friend, I advise against using speed to work on this forum, first because The urgent action causes the information not to be communicated correctly and also reduces the value of the share, resulting in its deletion. So I also recommend working not just to get the money but to gain experience in the cryptocurrency field.
  7. As for me, my friend, on this forum, I learned a lot of information myself on the topic of cryptocurrencies, and also every day I get new information. And also everything I've seen a friend of mine tell about this forum because we really need to have information about cryptocurrencies.
  8. This is true, my friend, and I agree with you, and I advise every newbie who joins the forum recently to browse the first section of this forum / About Forum / to avoid the ban and to know the rules of publishing and working here.
  9. Hello friend, I am already creating a thread It contains beneficial content that brings positive reaction and thus motivates you to do more at work, and this leads to the creation of good and useful posts.
  10. For me my friend Yobit is the best online board for him and it has a great deal of security as an e-wallet for us plus it has an easy-to-use interface and I use the yobit platform which is also suitable for investing in it.
  11. You can find the criteria my friend from the section in the forum where there are all the rules stipulated in the forum that every member must abide by and cannot be broken.
  12. Greetings to you my friend, this is true. I think that our work is all in English, so we really need it to work on the crypto talk forum and we also benefit a lot from it during trading or investments.
  13. In fact, my friend, the forum can provide you with a lot of information about cryptocurrencies. Just read the posts well. There are also experts here who can be consulted to get the most benefit and they also pay us for it.
  14. To me, my friend, I did not look good and I have been duped many times and I learned from it through personal experiences rather than from the experiences of others and took advantage of my mistakes.
  15. This is true my friend .. You should not stop learning, because life is full of lessons in the field of cryptocurrencies, we cannot be successful people in the world of cryptocurrencies without knowing what cryptography is and how to benefit from it, and one of the most important advantages of the CryptoTalk forum is that it gives us the greatest opportunity. To learn programming and gain experience.
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