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  1. My main goal here is to learn about crypto and to share the little ideas i have about crypto and to earn more, i am really glad to be among this family
  2. Yeah we have to really protect and secure our wallet at all cost, to protect our self's from fraudsters, and we have to keep our wallet details safe at all times.
  3. There is no fixed skill requirements all you have to do is to be patient, creative and productive. Always make some research and be kind, and you will be successful.
  4. - Be always patient because good things takes time - Go with the rules and regulations guiding cryptotalk - Make sure you use good English in your post - Don't copy and paste someone's post try to create your own
  5. - To share ideas - To increase in knowledge - To earn - To make cryptotalk grow - To make the word crypto pass all over the earth
  6. - Follow the rules and regulations guiding cryptotalk - Make your 100 post and keep on with the 20post daily - Don't copy and paste someone's work - Share your reputation point's daily to everyone who deserves it - Always make research before making any post or creating a topic
  7. Yes i agreed with you but this is where we always make lot of mistakes, if we are need we should always stick to the rules and regulations, we shouldn't do it because everyone is doing it, lets make it right and also seek for advices before we make any move to avoid making alot of mistakes and to protect our self's from getting banned
  8. - We benefit from crypto currencies ideas and logic - We benefit from knowledge - We benefit from learning the most use international languages (ENGLISH) - We benefits from our fellow members
  9. It has to go with alot of knowledge, you can't predict it without having the knowledge, we have to learn more to be successful, we can't be lucky all the time so we have to focus and think wise before making any move
  10. You can't be able to make 100 post in two days, you can make it in three or two days, but it depends on how you makes it, after your 100 post then you will be making 20 post per day, that is according to the rules and regulations guiding cryptotalk
  11. There is no more lot of job vacancy in the world due to the pandemic and alot have lose there jobs due to the covid19 crisis, and there are more than 500k different cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, litecoin, bitcash and so on, which requires only internet connection to use and some are even below 1$ for you to invest and earn more from it, so everyone in the world is focused on how to earn, and how to survive and cryptocurrencies is just the best option to earn from home without stress. Thank you
  12. We should create topic to share the little ideas we have in us, because everyone is unique in a different way and have a different unique ideas, if we keep it to our self's, it a lose to the crypto world, so we have to share so everyone will learn and gain from it, we are all here for two unique reasons that is to earn and learn from one another. Thank you all
  13. I think we shouldn't follow those who make post or create topics alone, we should have a mix of friends, because some really need to be encouraged because they are not as good as everyone is in terms of knowledge
  14. - To take away of boredom you must work at a nice, good and nice environment - Work when you are really interested in the work - Don't do it because everyone is doing it, always have passion for it - Create how many hours you want to work for and how many hours you will rest for and dont over work your self
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