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  1. There are so many cryptocurrencies available right now that it's hard to decide where to put your money. So, my advice is to bring money to Etherium.The price of this currency continues to rise regularly, and investing in it will make you a profit.
  2. For newbies, this is a helpful post. My advice to all new members is to read the rules of the forum carefully before starting your journey so as not to break any of their adverse reactions before starting the journey. Always treat the forum with dignity and make posts and comments more constructive than spam. Good luck!
  3. I personally think it will last forever, because we all know that nothing lasts forever. We know that Bitcoin, or the production or quantity of Bitcoin is limited, so we don’t know what will happen if we reach that stage.
  4. Yes, there are lots of new members here who repeat their topics. They did not try to create new and unique things. They write similar topics to others. Then it is against the rules of this forum and their forum has been deleted. They gain nothing by doing this. We should try to create new things that are completely different from others.
  5. Members must be careful not to repeat the topic and make sure that it contains useful information or important ideas that help others in crypto as well as search features and see if the topic repeats itself before it is published.
  6. We all need to spend time in this forum and learn the thing and discover ways to make it better for all of us. We need to spend time in this forum and learn the thing. It should be supported, and I would like to congratulate the participants of Cryptotalk.
  7. I think Bitcoin is the preferred currency of both the old and the old, because it is very popular and its price is increasing day by day, but it requires enough knowledge and experience to invest.
  8. Hello dear some countries do not pay for the work of Crypto Talk Forum because they do not follow the rules of the forum and I think that is the reason why the forum has banned those countries and these countries cannot be paid for the work of crypto talk. I hope you find it easy now.
  9. This is something common in our introduction since we do not know the functionality of the forum, you should not worry. It is good that you have realized your mistake which speaks very well about you and you do your job very well.
  10. You are right. Focusing on useful content and being rich in new information, will help us spread our knowledge, gain the admiration and positive reputation of others and will be motivated to give our best.
  11. The right time to exchange is when a coin pumps unexpectedly, so it's time to get all the coin because suddenly it will also be dumped, so remember this, but you have to wait for one more pump.
  12. People are interested in what you are posting on the forum. Usually having no followers is a negative indicator of your account. Followers are important to us because when someone follows us it means the contents of our posts are effective
  13. I have to understand from my own reasons why there is no more positive or negative reputation for necessary and informative posts, because the platform has stopped paying for the reputation of the members of this platform.
  14. Your posts should have a positive reputation for paying for it because posts that have no positive reputation will not be considered for payment and if they are effective you will only get talk tokens for it. So try to create posts with quality content that can get a positive reputation.
  15. Yes, you can exchange currencies in your wallet for currencies used in your area and then transfer your funds to your account. Alternatively, you should move the funds and pass them yourself. You can use the yobit platform to convert cryptocurrencies to your local currency, which you can use for your own purposes.
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