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  1. You can do this by strengthening the password of the various accounts, and you should also avoid all sites where the benefit is great because it will be fraudulent in the end.
  2. You can earn 200 talk token per day with posts you post as you earn for every 10 talk share , And you can only post 20 paid posts.
  3. I like to follow the forum news every day after completing the posts and this is in order to stay in constant contact with all the changes that occur within the forum as I read various hot topics.
  4. I have not started investing now because I do not have enough money for that, but I prefer long-term investment, because it is good and profitable if the strategy followed is good.
  5. I am addicted to the forum and spend a lot of time learning and taking the necessary ideas that make me a special member here, and I am sure I will succeed too.
  6. The most common topics are those that contain a group of new ideas about cryptocurrencies and have a great interaction among members in a short time.
  7. I think it is just a matter of time and the ban is lifted from the encrypted world in all countries of the world, especially Bitcoin, and this is because of its great use in various exchanges and it has been adopted in many fields.
  8. It is a shame that we cheat while presenting the reputation to the topics and it is also not a good idea to share it, it is better to be more neutral in dealing with the reputation.
  9. Being defrauded is very sad, and I do not wish to fall victim to this cowardly act. There are many people who are deceived by fraudsters by simple means such as fake messages.
  10. Currently I do not have enough energy to take risks and lose my cryptocurrencies that I store, and I work hard here to learn and gain experience before doing anything that could lose my money, and it is also good for us to be more prepared to take risks in the future.
  11. Glad to be here in this wonderful forum through which you can learn, earn and make new friends in the field of cryptocurrencies, I hope we can all benefit from it, good luck to you.
  12. It depends on the quality of the topics you share and the advice you provide through the comments, you can get more followers just by doing that.
  13. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency at all, the most popular, and it is the most expensive currency in the market currently. Everyone can rely on it for investment or storage for the future.
  14. Such topics were repeated in many sections, you could have taken advantage of the search feature before publishing the topic, I would advise you to read all the important rules that will help you succeed here.
  15. I spend a lot of time here and try to submit good and useful posts and read a lot of topics to benefit from them and the information they contain.
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