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  1. For me, yes it's a very good job, Seeing the situation where we spend COVID19 for months, The world is not stable on different things, This forum it helps to get to know each other in the 4coins of the world and to win to have information which gives us ideas and to improve us, You do not need a boss who tells you whatever is, You work comfortably as you want and at all times, a trustworthy secure platform I do not see no other.
  2. Satoshi Nakamoto, This is one of the major event in bitcoin history, It's thanks to the satoshi blessing that people start to manage their bitcoin project in a more active way, I think he's a great guy who has a thought of spirit to enlarge the universe where we live.
  3. Exactly, The security of our background is very important, Do not always rely on trends, In my opinion, I prefer software to be our security or a wallet that has a good reputation and highly secure, This is a future currency. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Hi friends, Thank you for sharing this useful information, I am a beginner and I learn every day, thanks to our communication on the sections, But we have to innovate in our messages and do the research to give more For everyone, All of crypto right now is very interesting, so let's help move forward together.
  5. Yes, there are many ways to get rich with bitcoin, But before all that, take your time to find out why the current system is failing, Find out how bitcoin works and how it solves the problems of the current system, Define a good method and enjoy the bitcoin revolution. You can be rich in other ways on bitcoin: invest in any kind or Buy Bitcoin automatic with a Dollar-Cost Averaging approach, Many applications allow you to do this.
  6. To get a good reputation and have subscribers, I recommend that you give messages or topics on good information so that everyone is informed in a good manner and we improve together with good method, It is your hard work that you make result.
  7. Personally, I got to know crypto currencies thanks to a friend who advised me to master since they have a good future in the future, this is where I really started to be interested I did some research on the web .
  8. In my opinion, working on this forum is very easy, Even people who do not have experience in the world of crypto can learn here better than his, You have lots of information we can learn about the world of crypto sincerely I am very well on Cryptotalk better than wasting time on another site to know nothing is to gain nothing.
  9. I am not a senior member, but I advise you to make your own 20 post that gives a good opinion on the subject of the forum section, do not copy paste other user's posts, and still search the forum section you will find all the rules of the forum to follow good luck.
  10. Honestly, as a beginner, I publish 20 messages per day, for the moment I have not created a lot of subjects I am waiting to learn more on this forum to start creating useful subject.
  11. Kim22

    Exudus Wallet

    The wallet has a very good reputation, It is a wallet available on Windows, MacOS, and linux also on android and IOS, The first advantage of exodus it can support 90 digital assets including bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, or more the ripple, Having a material wallet is safe.
  12. Personally, I came across a lot of fraudulent websites, and I suffered, I also advise you to check the legal notices, The general conditions of sale, The HTTPS protocol, or use, WHOIS it is a practical site which you allows to detect true or fraudulent site, you just have to search Whois + the name of the site.
  13. I believe that the crypto currency it has a good future of all the pays is their their economic point too, But for the moment it is not everyone who accepts the crypto we are still waiting for a new surprise.
  14. Totally agree, we have to do our work, our opinions so as not to have any problem, everyone makes mistakes, but follow the rules of the forum you would have no problem thank you for sharing.
  15. You can invest in a cryptocurrency by buying tokens via platforms, You have many platforms such as: CEX IO, CHANGELLY, BITSTAMP, COINMAMA or CONBAISE, Remember that the platform you choose offers the type of crypto you you want to buy.
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