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  1. In my opinion there is possible to send and receive bitcoin without any internet connection. In this global world everything become possible.May be some companies work on it.
  2. There is no doubt in future cryptotalk woukd be so bright. Because thus platform gain more reputations in this world and other is cryptocurrency thus one is increasing dag by day and become valueable so in upcoming days it become more valuable.So avoid from banned just follow the rules and regulations.
  3. I think creating a topic is most powerful command to get more and good reputations by users because every crypto user engaged with the topics if someone topic is really a helpful or impressive than its good for that person.That person have a opportunity to get more reputation instead of commenting..
  4. Yeah may be people repeating the titles.but sometimes its become helpful for beginners because when one person say something its not necessary that every single person got his point sometimes its hard to to understand it may be when person who didn't get that person point and same topic is discussed by other person and his way is too good and easy and simple to understand.So i dont think so its bad.
  5. As i know that you came here recently i hope so you have read out the rules and regulations of this forum and you have to came out that 100 posts are compulsory to everyone to get registered in this platform.This is a ruke of this platform to make 100posts.100posts are compulsory we can say that its a trail of newbie in this platform.May be the moderator of this platform want to know the writing skills of users or knowledge of this forum so be careful avoid drom copy paste system.Best of luck for future.
  6. Cryptotalk give the more options to the users where they demand us to submit 20posts that must be useful for others with this cryptotalk give us chance to read out favourite sections and give us 50reacts to do when we read the posts when we like someone posts then we have authority to like it or not...
  7. If you are new here then as a newbie you must read out the rules and regulations because there is no compromise about this on so be careful about it specially.when you follow the rules then there is no problem for you.There are many rules but most important are that copy paste is not allowed just express your opinion in your words do not cheat..Use just one 1 ip address in a single time.
  8. Yeah its important and this is a rule of this platform to get reaction on each post because this plateform paid us for those posts which are reacted by others.Each post is paid by crypto and we submiy 20posts per day if someone get reacts on 15posts then he get payment of 15posts because 15posts considered to be a useful post. Thank You.
  9. Yeah all above explanation is very well and appreciated.At the start every beginner face many problem in which they have no much idea but as a time pass our knowledge increased and we are able to dicuss about it as a beginner we should always follow the rules of every forum thats most important key to become a success. And this crypto forum is divided into many categories in which you have more idea you can easily discuss that topic. Best Of Luck to everyone.
  10. Coinbase digital wallet is actually a mobile wallet which one is only handled by you not by a coinbase digital wallet users can easily reached to his bitcoins and sell and receives the cryptocurrency. Coinbase digital wallet is available in andriod and ios.
  11. Multiple bitcoins wallet which stores the multiple ceyptocurrencies in an amazing ways.All wallets perform its funtions in best way and all features are easy and simple to use.But i suggest to use a yobit wallet which one is the best wallet and handles the multiple cryptocurrency.
  12. This post is very important and helpful for those who have some grammer problems.This link which you share is very useful. Due Our grammer mistake our account may warned or banned so be careful about grammers.
  13. Yes definitely reacting plays an important role in this forum first whrn we posting a useful content then we appreciated by someone through good reaction that will be good for us because its encourage us and enhance our reputation and in this case we will able to earn from this forum.
  14. I don't think so that when a person banned then they unbanned because when moderate ban someone there is solid reason to banned you so be careful before posting or always follow the rules and regulations .
  15. I time is not fix because whenever i feel relax i spend my time with crypto forum.when i start posting it time take definitely but i also spend my most of time to read out comments to know more about this platform.
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