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  1. When reply to a topic reasonably and meaningfully you receive your payment and if you write post that are not useful you get negative reactions, thanks mates you are always welcome have a nice day.
  2. If you want to keep your account secure you must keep all your private password within your self but once you disclose your privacy to someone else your account will be secure, thanks mates you are always welcome.
  3. Crypto trading could be safe if you can keep your privacy secret in your self because when your privacy are kept within your self without disclosing it to a third party your crypto trading will be safe but when you disclose your privacy to someone infact your your crypto trading is at risk, thanks.
  4. The most common mistakes novice made is they don't mostly read the rules and regulations guiding the forum in this regard they become victim of many unnecessary things in the forum, thanks.
  5. Mostly new members of cryptocurrency use to be victim of scammers we should please be vigilant and informative in the forum then we should learn how to keep our privacy within our self, thanks.
  6. Cryptotalk is more better than Bitcoin because in cryptotalk you are paid according to your performance the more you work the more you earn in cryptotalk while Bitcoin they pay according to rank, thanks.
  7. I appreciate your efforts for bringing this informative topic in the forum actually there are many currencies in the world which their prices differ from one another such as Bitcoin, litcoin and talk token, thanks.
  8. Bitcoin are one of the largest currency today in the world and it has higher value higher exchange rate and they are trade in yobit for more profits, thanks mates you are always welcome.
  9. Yes I strongly agree with you because in everything you are doing your first attempt isn't enough you need to try more attempt to meet your desire goals in life, thanks.
  10. Yes our BTC is safe in yobit but you should try and send it to your BTC balance so that you can get access to it any time you want to use it, you are always welcome mates have a nice day.
  11. Yes one need to be patient in what so ever you are doing because it's only when you have patient that you can achieve your dreams as planned is better you build patient in your self so that you can achieve many things in life, thanks.
  12. Yes your affect your work in cryptotalk because when you are in good mood you will have time to do your work smoothly but if you are sad or you are not in good mood infact your work will not move smoother, thanks mates you are welcome.
  13. Aside from the talk tokens you can also benefit BTC in the forum but today it's only the talk token that one can withdraw from the forum the BTC can not be transfer to balance due one problem or the other, thanks.
  14. As a matter of fact given reactions is our responsibility in this regard you most read and understand a post before giving such post reputation in this case we most continue to give reactions, thanks.
  15. The advice to newbies is for them to strictly abide by the rules and regulations guiding the forum once they can follow this steps definitely they will be successful members of the forum, thanks mates you are always welcome have a nice day.
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