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  1. You will get payment after completing your first 100 posts on this forum. You will get 10 talk tokens for each of your useful comment and 50 talk tokens for each of your topic. An you will get extra 1009 santoshi when your post will get a positive reaction.
  2. First of all thank you for sharing this information. In my opinion. The mining of Bitcoin is inversely connected with the equipment that we are using. If our equipment is high power and more reliable and fast then it will take less time to mine Bitcoin and vice versa.
  3. Yes, you are absolutely right here. I am a student and thankfully I am earning BTC daily from this forum and I am able to meet my all the daily needs through BTC. It is very helpful in online buying and we can also convert it and withdraw and do our daily expenses with it.
  4. Yes, you are absolutely right. There are many ways in which we can earn money by just sitting at home and doing online work. As you mentioned here, investing and trading are the two best ways in which you can earn money. It is not good to waste time by just sitting at home. We have to indulge ourself in some work and get more rewards.
  5. Positive reputation is the most important thing in this forum. Everyone wants to get positive reputation because it will have effect on our earning. We have to give positive reputation to those who deserves it. This will help others to get motivated an Det encouraged to create more good content next time. Our reaction is the instrument of change and we have to give it those who really deserves it.
  6. I am also facing this problem. I have heard that this is due to cleaning of the forum from spammers and also because of refilling the wallets. I am not able to send my BTC to balance from last 10 days and I am also worried about it. Hopefully, it will be solved in few days and things will get back to normal.
  7. There are many number of wallets that are available to save Bitcoin. But, I suggest you to go with yobit wallet. I am also using it and I find it very useful. It is very secure and safe and lot of people are using it. It's withdrawl fee is very low and it also offers easy transactions.
  8. Reputation is directly connected to unique content in this forum. The more we create unique content the more will be our reputation. Good reputation is very much necessary because it will help us to earn more likes and more earning. Create content that is full of knowledge and that fulfils the criteria of forum. Keep in mind that good content is the only way to get more success in this forum.
  9. Your rank and experience will increase according to your number of posts. You will achieve the rank of senior member when you post more than 3000 posts on this forum. You can check out all the rank and information in the about forum section.
  10. Welcome to this forum. Before doing anything, you have to go the about forum and read all the pinned posts and also rules and regulations from there. Basic rules are don't copy and paste and also don't do any kind of plagiarism. You have to create your own useful content in order to earn. You have to post first 100 posts on this forum and then you will be paid for 20 useful posts daily. You will receive your payment after seven days. Abide by the rules and do work safely.
  11. There are meant opportunities for earning money from the internet. You have to choose first what are you willing to do and then make work achieve. You can do investing, trading, marketing, freelancing and there are many other online jobs. If you are good in something then you can sell your work online and earn huge profits.
  12. Thank you for sharing this useful information here and I am sure all the newbies will get guidance from it. Newbies have to first learn the rules and regulations of this forum . They have to first gather the knowledge that how to create good content that fulfils the criteria of this forum. They also have to look out for seniors profile and learn from it that how they are creating good content. The more the follow rules the more useful and unique content for the forum.
  13. This forum is the best for so many reasons. This forum not only gives knowledge but also give earning to it's members. I am a student and this forum is best for me. I think the best aspect of this forum is that this gives everyone flexibility of posting. There is no time limit for posting. You can post at any time according to your free time. And this aspect is best for me because I can post anytime I want.
  14. It is because the payment system of this forum has now been changed. Sadly, this forum will not give any payment for our reactions anymore. And that's the reason that our reactions are not getting counted int he yobit.
  15. Yes, patience is the most important thing in getting success in this forum and also other crypto currency things. The first thing that is required in this forum is patience and this forum is doing brilliant to build patience in everyone. First everyone have to create 100 useful posts on this forum and then have to wait for 7 days to receive first payment. All this build patience in everyone. If we want to invest then also there is need to be patient because good rewards can only be received if we remain patient in it.
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