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  1. Try to comment on the same topic as much as you can. Although this is not an obstacle rule etc. by the authorities Some users misuse this feature to make the same comment several times and get unfair earnings
  2. Yes, I agree with you that a good reputation is a great happiness for the members of the forum. This makes me love working on this forum when I find that someone gives me a good reputation in return for my posts. You also have to give good reviews to helpful posts and rate posts appropriately rather than randomly.
  3. Thanks for sharing such a important piece of information yes it is true we should avoid taking the coins with zero volume as these are offered by the quarters in the crypto world and can make your investment fail so avoid these things and work hard with patience
  4. Might be that the post you are trying to reply, is under administration audit, or edit by the original poster. I have encountered what you are saying once in the past. I decided to delete the comment I made and move on.
  5. One of the best, interesting, marvelous and useful information published, there are some useful and popular terminologies circulating in the forum. But this is one of it kind because it carries new Crypto terms that I have never been oppurtune to be exposed to them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information, keep it up.
  6. As a beginner here, I don't experience any loss in this flatform but I gain instead. I learn little by little about crypto currency and earn some talk token than can convert to bitcoin soon. The difficulties I've experience here is my first week because I'm not familiar about the crypto It is hard for me to make reply in some topics.
  7. You can't buy bitcoins through credit cards because when we use this facility when any country fully adopt bitcoin then this country government gives this rights to buy bitcoins through credit card but in future maybe its happen, when all countries accept bitcoin their own currency but this is not happen in short period its take long time to process.
  8. All of these websites are scammers ! They just want us to visit their websites because they'll earn some money when we click on their website ! And maybe most of them will steal our money if you deposit money in it
  9. you are right we must not create low quality content here otherwise our whole industry will begging. Newbie must not create low and poor quality post and comment here, newbie must research how to create high quality post here, so that everyone can get benefit.
  10. Unfortunetly I think digital currency has enabled not enabled but it has made it easier for crime, because now its hard to trace criminals with the crypto system and so there are so many people out there who take advantage of the system and in the end they steal from the whole system we need to really take into cognition that we have to make sure that the currencies do work for everybody
  11. My response would be a definite yes. Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency after has so much prospect and potentials to even become more popular and the it would only increase in value. Ethereum is the next BTC in my opinion.
  12. Anyone working in the cryptocurrency market will know the difference between digital coin and cryptocurrencies But what happens with me or with other people is confusion between them while talking or writing and this often happens without intention
  13. Your success great comes from your post which you create and are visible to many user to see and react on them, as this causes you to be highly known and as such it boost your profile and success too
  14. Most likely, your topic is being lockrd because your topic has fully expressed itself and all questions are fully answered. Also, Maybe your post is being a posts dumspster. Another one is your topic may have a low quality content.
  15. Many experts who invested in crypto currency for years bought vehicle from crypto and for you to gain money to buy a vehicle you will have to follow all the rules and regulations abide by the forum.
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