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  1. dear friend r this forum is very interesting and very helpful so when I am starting the project so I am only 2 to 3 hours spend time in this platform and this time I am very busy and not any disturbing in this time.
  2. yes of course this is good features and helping because the post of on your up side then you are replying to the best points and you gave comments easily otherwise you remember the questions or again goto top up ans see questions.
  3. yes of course this is very important and hopefully so thanks for the sharing and about the how to the trading and get coins so your method its too good and yobit is good exchanger and this is all function are available in this forum
  4. Well come friend I have no idea in this so I advice to you you do not any mistakes here and demand take care and put amount very carefully and when you send them again check and our confusion cleared.
  5. I am agree with you and successfully made the effort to make the necessary changes to the best parents in the whole world and I am learning in this forum and get knowledge then the success in this forum.
  6. many many congratulations and yes you are right when this time comes so this is very plasent and grateful because your first earning come and this your hardworking and you achievement.
  7. Trading and investing are both different things so trading is that you are buying the any thing and investing that you collect the coin or money if you know the trading then you investment.
  8. you post it's very nice and if you get a new information's so you sharing with others members then they know this information and I am jr members and I am collecting daily new information and increase our knowledge.
  9. yes this post was great and your information is correct and I will be in touch with the relevant authorities to arrange for the advice to be made to the best of the crypto rules regulations and other details of the best.
  10. yes you say right if the btc prices fixed the you get a loss because its price are veriation some times increase and some time dicrease so if you sale the btc increase position so get benefit.
  11. I am jr members in crypto talk so not know the your topic and not know the crypto gave the loan investment is yes or not no any idea so I think the senior management help you.
  12. I think yes but I am not to try this but know that is possible you can do the yobit account open and go to the wallet page and you transfer any coin in this page.
  13. absolutely right no any work to eaisy all work it's to difficult but if you try daily and hope one you are successful in our hardworking then your is eaisy and life in more challenging times than you will face and resolve our challenges.
  14. yes of course many time this problem creates but now yobit running normal position no any abnormalities in the during days but some time ago this problem available in many days.
  15. I am face same problem and many posts deleted so when get up and open the account a see many post was deleted and why I am not know what happened.
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