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  1. Yobit exchanger is doing us good and with that i suggest we support the page yobit I provided it and its platform is very good that it offers a good exchange and a super simple platform for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies that even on the page itself gives you some coins with a series of procedures if you accomplish a task and they also have the investbox which we can use to earn more talkcoin.
  2. As for me the new feature i really want for now is deleted post notifications and also more color background, That is what i want for now administration to add in this forum to make members get aware of post deletions in different sections of the forum.
  3. Well it seems to be very difficult but till now i haven't faced such problems of time with this forum and if you were suffering from it then really it would be very much difficult to make posts as it will take too much of time for commenting in a post everytime we are working here in any section of the forum
  4. Well in that case I will say It's a good one and i hope they can do that from time to time because the post is old and we can have the same problem every days. Let us make the forum a better environment for learning as well as earning by sending in beneficial informations about Cryptocurrency.
  5. They are like threat to us and we need to stop them but i think it will be hard, because in crypto as days goes by scammers are getting bigger and bigger. scammers are heartless scamming people without having mercy which is why we all need to be careful on the ways we run our activities around cryptoworld.
  6. There is less room for mistakes in this forum and for that we have to be careful because spellings are being neglected on correcting them, in a way in which some post tend to be complicated to actually know what it talks. Correct spellings is also essential for us to be safe in this forum.
  7. As for me i first heard about this forum from a friend but also through a forum, it was a friend that told me because no cryptotalk campaign again on telegram before i joined them. But after he told me, I joined by following what he told me to do and now I am posting to get paid for each valid post.
  8. Well i think there is some technical issues right now in the forum, me either i dont get any notifications i think admins and moderators must do something about this issue, we have to be patient because it seems they are under maintenance.
  9. I have to confess that we benefit in this forum just like earning satoshies here everyday. I think we can display the favor back to the team of Cryptotalk by making quality posts and keeping it clean by not spamming every topics here in every section. I think it is enough we can do for them to make them happy the way we are happy with them.
  10. Currently i don't believe that this forum need's a lot of improvement and i think admins and moderators are doing this work right now. All we can do right now is be patient and wait for them to announce this upcoming features because it seems they are under maintenance which is why the send to balance is not working.
  11. I will fully rate this forum with +5 because it has been great for all of us and the only thing I regret is not having joined earlier. It is the best crypto forum and has good people watching and working in it. I don't have anything to say against cryptotalk and hopefully more people will be joining day by day since the forum is legit.
  12. This is a great forum and it has a lot of features that we can find,it makes every details here to be more easy to understand and use. Not just those he mentioned on the original posts but also the sections that has been added and divided depending on a topic that we are interested in responding.
  13. Base on my own opinion it should allows the topics with different languages because everyone prefers their own languages to understand, suppose if there will be an Indian and the topics will be in russian language then it will be very difficult for an China member to respond such topics in the forum.
  14. This is very right, new topics are needed very badly and not everyone can create topics so the people who are content creators should create new topics each day so that the forum keeps on working the way it is supposed to be working.
  15. This forum is great and for us to achieve the greatest benefit from this forum, we must devote sufficient time to reading the topics and making good use of them because some members do not read the topics or do so in a brief manner or they look at other members posts to find out what the topic is saying.
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