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  1. @Faheemakhtar i was transfering my first payment. I didn't about it before i clicked on send to my bitcoin balance button again and again and my my account got frozen. I wanna ask you how i can unfreeze my account??? OR my yobit account get banned or it can't unfreeze please tell me I submitted my ticket to moderators but no answe and still it is freeze.
  2. I was trying to withdraw my first payment. Firstly, i clicked on Cryptotalk new and Send To my Talk Balance and it went successfully. After this in Cryptotalk Campaign I tried to send BTC and it didn't worked and i clicked on it again and again and after few minutes my account got frozen. How I can unfreeze my account now ? And have you every faced this problem? Seniors please help me.. Thank You in Advance.
  3. Yes you are right i have seen a lot of posts and their context is almost same. Sometimes my mind goes completely blank cz amost same topics nervous me. This problem must be solved. We must always provide useful information to each other and don't copy and don't repeat otherwise our topic or our account get banned.
  4. You are right. I agree with you. Seniority in this forum means greater experience and more knowledge. Without any doubt , we know that seniors comments and topics are so important to all of us. and i have seen a lot of senior members who help beginners by commenting in their posts like a normal which is very good point.
  5. Hello my dear a lot of greetings. There are a lot of sites that give you chance to earn online. But it depends on us that in which field we take part and how much we do hardwork to make money and how much time we spend in that field for getting exeprience. Hard work and Continuity both are necessary for become millionaire. Choose a field according to your interest and work hard.
  6. @Ch Ayyan Thank you for sharing this useful information. Now I know how to find unread topics. I didn't even know about it before. Otherwise I constantly have to search among those already read topics. and we shouldn't make a fun on this post because it is really giving an information to newbies like me. Stay blessed and keep sharing
  7. You are right. Every profit don't depend on luck. It's depend on our experience. Cz for getting good profit its necessary that our experince is well in this cryptocurrencies. We should do effort for learning and earning. After getting knowledge we should use this knowledge to earn more profit. We should take interest cz when we take keen interest in our business and take care of every thing, we can get profit.
  8. Ofcourse why not. I do feel lucky to be able to do work on this cryptotalk forum. As a student i feel lucky to be in this crypto world. On this forum we can acquire knowledge about the crypto and income both at the same time. We can earn without any investment. It's very benefencial for students. Im proud to be able to work on crypto. Keep learning and earning Cz there is no ending.
  9. Success is the achievement of something desired, worked for or the gaining of fame or wealth. An example of success is an author's book making it to The New York Times best sellers list. One that is successful. The plan was a success.
  10. you can earn money through different platforms like youtube facebook tiktok instagram but here on this greatfull platform you can earn money by doing a little work if i am right give me some reputation
  11. this is a great platform to earn or learn together you can make money by seeing or giving reputation to others make a useful posts and earn from here to meet your daily need
  12. it is done when you post any useful comment in the forum then your comment not submitted or deleted by the owners.
  13. yoy can see your reputation by going into your profile then you can see your reputation in. the left right corner of youe screen
  14. you can earn about 7 thousand pkr you can earn about 1000 stoshi on posting a single comment you. can meet your need by working on this platforum.
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